WhatsApp Delete Messages Feature to Work as a Group ‘Cleaning Tool’, App’s Latest Beta for iPhone

WhatsApp Delete Messages Feature


WhatsApp was earlier spot to be working on a new ‘Delete Messages‘ feature that will

essentially self-destroy chats after a specified time.

This new feature was first seen in development on Android, and now it has been spotted on iOS as well. Interestingly,

WhatsApp seems to have changed the course on the “Delete Messages” feature and is now reportedly developing it as a “cleaning tool” for groups.

The feature seems to help admins delete group chats after a while, in order to help manage storage, and get rid of old chats automatically.


Now that we know what Delete Messages feature can be used for, it is a welcome addition to groups that are often plagued with too many chats, unknowingly eating up phone storage. As mentioned, admins will be able to choose how long the messages will last before they are deleted, and they can select options ranging from one hour to one year.






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