What’s the Difference Between Coding and Programming?

Today, I will try to explain the difference between coding and programming in the easiest way possible. If you have just started your programming career or even after spending a few years , you’re not sure about the difference, just be with me till the end.


Coding simply means writing codes from one language to another. Computers don’t understand our language. They only understand binary language. A coder is someone who translates the requirements into a language that a machine will understand. Though there are many processes in between, what a coder does is translate logic into machine-readable codes.

Coding is a part of programming or can be considered as the initial steps of programming. Unlike coding which mainly involves writing code in various languages as per the instruction, the term ‘programming’ is used in a much broader sense. A coder works on the instructions given by the team leaders and so coding is easier and requires less expertise than programming.


Programming is the bigger picture which involves things more than just writing code. It’s basically a process of feeding machine with a set of instructions to perform whatever you want.

A programmer design thing, analyze a problem, develop logic and make sure a machine or application will run without any errors. A coder writes code at an intermediate level whereas a programmer is responsible to find effective solutions for potential problems that may or may not pertain along the process.


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