What new products will be launched at the iPhone conference?

2019 Apple’s press conference preview: What new

products will be launched at the iPhone conference?


This year (2019), Apple’s press conference will start at 1 am on September 11th, Taiwan time. The highlight of this presentation is, of course, the annual iPhone release, but in addition to the iPhone 11 (tentatively), there is also the opportunity to launch Apple Watch. And even the rumored “anti-lost device.” Still thinking about whether you want to stay up late to watch the press conference this year, you can refer to this prediction to see if there is a product you are viewing!

Here are some new products that may be introduced at this year’s Apple presentation.

iPhone 11: three new models, three lenses, new colors

Although the name has not yet been determined, it is rumored that this year’s three new machines will be called: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max; among them, iPhone 11 is the successor model of iPhone XR, the most affordable version, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max is the successor to this year’s iPhone XS and XS Max.

iPhone 11: iPhone XR successor

Behind the iPhone 11, there will be a rectangular bump with two lenses, the primary lens, and the zoom lens. Also, new colors such as green and purple will be introduced.


Also, the iPhone 11 as Apple’s entry-level machine will also be equipped with an LCD screen instead of OLED, to reduce costs, the screen size is 6.1″.

iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro: The flagship of the three lens

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are the most discussed “three-lens” designs. In addition to the primary lens and zoom lens, the “Super Wide-Angle” will be equipped to accommodate more images. The size of the lens is 12 million pixels, and it is also rumored that Apple will enhance the night shot function.

The body size is 5.8′′ and 6.5′′, the screen size of these three new machines is the same as the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, no change.

In addition to the changes in the primary lens, it is rumored that other hardware specifications have not changed much, and there are no more “killer” new usage scenarios.


Battery capacity, more waterproof performance, etc., are also rumored to appear in this new iPhone, the A13 processor is naturally a must-change.

From the iOS 13 steps, Apple may also cancel the 3D Touch on the 2019 iPhone, because many operations can be replaced by “long press.”


In addition, there are rumors that Apple will finally abandon the original 5W charger (white tofu), and switch to USB-C to Lightning transmission line + 18W fast charge charger; this change is not surprising, after all, now Mac full range Both have adopted the USB-C interface, but the iPhone is still only USB-A is not reasonable, and the charging power of 5W is quite outdated.

New Apple Watch: May have titanium, ceramic version

Apple’s wearable device Apple Watch is also coming to the launch of the update, so this year’s presentation is likely to launch Apple Watch Series 5; although there is not much news about Apple Watch Series 5, from the source code, found titanium Paired picture of metal and ceramic versions.

Apple has introduced the Apple Watch with a ceramic case in the past, but titanium is the first time it has appeared.

10.2  iPad

new "10.2 iPad iPad"

In addition to the recently launched iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, Apple will also launch the new “10.2 iPad” at this press conference, which will support Apple Pencil and continue to use Touch ID instead of Face like iPad Pro. ID.

New Apple TV?

In the iOS 13 source code, I found the number of the suspected new Apple TV, which hints that Apple has plans to launch the original Apple TV set-top box recently; rumors will be equipped with the A12 processor, but there is no more news about this product.

Apple “anti-lost label.”

Apple "anti-lost label"

Another interesting rumor is that Apple is planning to launch an “anti-lost device” (anti-lost tag) that attaches products to everyday items and tracks the location through the iPhone’s “find” app. Currently, in the iOS 13 source code, the user interface of the suspected anti-lost device has been discovered, so this rumor is still somewhat credible.

BrainGate Neural Interface System Allows People with Paralysis to Control Robotic Arms

Also, it is rumored that Apple’s anti-lost device will use “ultra-wideband positioning technology,” the positioning error can be accurate to 10 cm.

Apple will broadcast live

This year, Apple will also broadcast 2019 new product announcements online. This site will also be transmitted simultaneously and invited to instant Chinese interpretation. At one is on September 11 (Taiwan time), everyone is welcome to discuss and watch the live broadcast online!

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