SEO Optimization: What is the LSI keyword? LSI keyword optimization strategies to improve website SEO ranking

What is the LSI keyword?

LSI English: Latent Semantic Indexing, translated as a latent semantic index, also called latent semantic analysis, is it similar to the semantic analysis that rabbits say in SEO training courses? Yes, LSI can be said to be a mathematical method to improve the accuracy of information retrieval. Essentially, it finds hidden (potential) relationships between words (semantics) in order to improve information understanding (indexing). Students who understand English can view the definition of LSI on WiKi .

What is the use of LSI keywords?

Use Latent Semantic Index (LSI) keywords – similar to the target keywords of a web page (synonyms/synonyms) or related terms and phrases (long-tail words) – can be highly and highly beneficial to you in the content of the page SEO results. The rise of semantic search, used by search engines to achieve a more accurate and contextual understanding of the true intent of information seekers, has changed search engine optimization so that marketers should now optimize keywords for page topics, not just goals. phrase.

How to do LSI keyword optimization?

Rabbit SEO shares the following four optimization methods to help you find LSI keywords that fit your website content, adding value and how to get them:

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1, LSI keywords are not just synonyms

When we determine the LSI keyword, we need to expand the theme of the target keyword, not simply insert the same content and words. What we are talking about here is our SEOer. When creating content, it is a mistake to exchange words on the target page or insert keywords directly. For the correct approach, use more detailed related content to describe the topic. 

2, find other Baidu/Google search related to your theme

Baidu/Google Search provides powerful advice when searching for LSI keywords that are well suited to the goals of a page. Search for your target keywords on Baidu/Google – The bottom of the search results page usually produces a series of related searches that effectively tell you what the search engine thinks is relevant to the topic. This allows you to aggregate LSI keywords based on real search phrases. That is, when we are at the time of the wording, we say the drop-down box search and related search.

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