Samsung Galaxy S 20

The biggest Android phone launch of 2020 will inevitably be the Samsung Galaxy S 20 that’s the new snappy temporally relevant name were expecting to see four was originally going to be called the galaxy s 11, and there’s a lot to get stuck into here from the s20 slightly early February launch to rumours of a faster screen, and impressive new camera array so let’s dive right…

It’s central and this is everything we know so far about the Samsung galaxy s 20

First, let’s deal with cold hard facts we see the galaxy s 20 or s 11 will debut on February 11th at an event.

In San Francisco, thanks to details revealed in Samsung’s official event invite that gives Samsung a head start on the other devices that might be launching at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

A couple of weeks later and means there’s a good chance the phones themselves will be shipping by the end of February.

Last year we’re looking at multiple models of  s20 though with a slight realignment compared to what we saw with the s 10 series the base model according to all the rumours is set to be the galaxy s 20 think of this as a mash-up between the s10 and s 10 B last year there’ll be a slightly larger s 20 Plus which is likely to be the most popular model around the world and finally, an s2000 will sport an even larger screen with 5g connectivity as standard in terms of physical size expect the vanilla s 20 to measure in at 6 point 4 inches diagonally with the plus falling at 6 points 7 inches and the s 20 ultras purportedly pushing all the way up to 6 points 9 inches making it physically the biggest galaxy s flagship ever also worth noting is that as 5g networks become more common the two smaller s 20 is also slated to come in both 4G and 5G variants whereas the Ultra supposedly will be 5g only next the basic specs it’s no surprise to see the Galaxy S 20 series likely launched with qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor in the US and china but reportedly many countries will also be getting a snapdragon variant this year or as the

Exynos version will be limited mainly to Europe, and this is because Samsung’s.

Exynos 990 chip is having trouble matching the speed of the Qualcomm equivalent which I guess is good news for a lot of people but lousy news potentially for s20 buyers in Europe you’re getting a slower and less efficient phone though we’ll have to wait and see how things shake out any way other rumoured core specs aren’t too surprising 12 gigs of ram 128, 256 or 512 gigabytes of storage what’s interesting though is the inclusion of between 4500 and 5000 milliamp-hour battery a huge regret from the batteries.

Samsung phones big reason for these extra-large cells are expected to be the phone’s 120 Hertz displays evidence for the next-gen.

Samsung phones having super smooth means emotion a code of the 1ui 2.0 update for the Galaxy Note 10 and since then it’s also been confirmed by multiple sources a faster refresh rate, of course, has the potential to chew through power much more quickly than a standard 60 Hertz screen of the Klan’s included in most Android phones but it also makes these phones smoother and appear more responsive than out of the 4c for instance last year’s 1 + 7 Pro which run at 90 Hertz and the past a couple of years of razor phones which used 120 Hertz LCDs looking at the leaked CAD renders of the S 20 series that have emerged thus far we can see a design that’s a mash-up between the S Ten and no ten there’s a more rounded chassis as we’d expect from a Galaxy S phone but also a smaller central hole-punch camera up front which prolly means any 3d face unlock is out of the question and that the S 20 will continue to rely on in the screen fingerprint for secure unlock around the back is where you’ll find arguably the most exciting features of the S 20 series and that is the camera array the multi-lens setup is said to be based around a 108 megapixel primary camera with telephoto zoom provided through a new 5 x telescope set up so as what we saw last year in the Huawei P 30 Pro though possibly with upgraded optics compared to that model that’s likely also to ultra-wide and some depth sensing capabilities that are also tucked away in that extra more massive camera hump plus if 4k video isn’t enough for you then get ready for 8k video rumoured to be arriving in the s20 as well so on the one hand the core of what makes these phones at galaxy s haven’t changed the leaked images look broadly like successors to the galaxy s & 9 & S 10 series instead of any huge design changes expect Samsung this year to zero in on the super-smooth screen and extra large batteries as differentiators while the camera especially the 5 x superzoom will give Samsung an easily identifiable a feature .

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