Mojo Vision Contact Lenses

Virtual reality headset are shrinking down and getting smaller and smaller lighter and less bulky than before to be easier to use more comfortable to wear even for the extended period.

Contact lenses with displays inside well it’s using module vision just presented their contact lenses with a displaying site be used for AR and VR application.

VR headsets to make it smaller easier to wear to see Holograms better to see our virtual reality work better and then the company just comes out with the solution that actually skips all that process and well just put contact lenses.

You can see and do stuff in the virtual world well this company came out from nowhere mojo vision is working from for five years on a way to actually fit a display actually to make a display that can fit a pair of contact lenses and of course, they managed to do it.

The eye works how to make it possible for our eye and how to make also our vision better so let’s start to talk about the technology itself what you see here is actually the smallest display ever made a nerd with one of the eyes is PPI possible to go in numbers to display smaller than half of millimeter’s gonna sit right in front of your Tokyo and it does it TI’s of pixel per inch density of 14,000 that is impressive.

If you think about it as a phone usually are about 350 PPIfor examples and if we talk about virtual reality at set the HTC vive Pro is a PPIof a thousand and one so this is 14 times denser as a display.

Then the 5pro so for sure forget about screen door effect and all those stuff because those are not going to be a thing anymore and now talking about pixels, of course, is that small we don’t have many many pixels we have 70,000 pixels.

That is still impressive for something that is much smaller than a millimeter so this is not just a small as display ever made this is actually also the most energy-efficient display because if you are inside a control lens if you have to sit in the middle of your puppy in a way that you can’t really see the display but just what does displays projecting without obscuring your vision, of course, you also have to feed the battery or some sort in there to make it work of course you can just put a phone battery in the cable that goes inside your eye.

It would be pretty weird indeed so they managed to make the display very energy-efficient because sitting that close to the eyes and projecting the image right in the fovea that is the part of the eye with better clarity for our vision.

The image that works as a battery and the battery life if we can call battery life for these compact lines either around 24 hours so it’s already impressive because you can wear it very very long and to recharge it you just put it in their housing that is similar to the one that is from your hire pots for example for your wireless headphones.

When you’re charging and then you put it on again for the next day and that’s very impressive indeed now the vision part is very interesting because they went off course from just showing a static image to actually showing videos and information and now.

It’s just a regular display that works like any other display and that’s very interesting because you can show information in your vision you can also enhance like the light of the environment around you so you can actually see in the dark.

For example and that’s very interesting with like some superhuman stuff or if you have some visual problem they can help to restore your vision actually also zoom on thing sand see things better because they can project the image to our eye in a different way and the most interesting thing for me is that it works like a regular display.