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Intel Core i9-9900KFC Processor Listed In AIDA64 – An 8 Core, 16 Thread Chip Minus The Integrated Graphics & Fried Chicken

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Intel has named their processors really weirdly in the past, may it be the Broadwell desktop lineup or the more recent Core M (7th Gen Parts). Now Intel is releasing another processor under the 9th Generation branding which sounds like it’s coming straight out of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yes, this is the Core i9-9900KFC, which was recently detected in the latest version of AIDA64.

Intel Core i9-9900KFC Spotted By AIDA64 – 8 Cores, 16 Threads, No IGP But Is It Finger-Lickin’ Good?

Intel’s Core i9-9900KFC processor number was detected by AIDA64 and has been listed in the new version, Anandtech reports. There are no details mentioned aside from the codename, but there’s a lot that the name itself reveals about this chip. First of all, the Core i9-9900KFC seems like a new variation of the Core i9-9900K. This processor would be the fourth variation of the Core i9-9900K which was introduced last year.

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