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India’s First RoboCop Police : Joins Kerala Police

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Robocop is India’s first humanoid Police robot that will work at the Kerala Police Headquarters in the state capital.

It has been given the Sub Inspector (SI) rank. Before long, when you enter the Kerala Police Headquarters in the state capital, you would be welcomed by a robot.

Robocop was introduced by Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and is entrusted with accepting guests and helping them get to the office they’re searching for.

The Robocop has a multi-touch screen and ultrasonic, proximity and temperature sensors. It is likewise worked to the limit of working nonstop.

It is likewise prepared to encourage video call with a predominant officer, whenever approved. Ultimately, it is fit for perceiving its bosses and welcome them with a salute.

“Women empowerment and gender equality were kept in mind while deciding on the gender of the first robot. Also, the fact that most front office jobs are managed by women was considered,” the Director General of Police (DGP) Loknath Behra said.

Robocop will likewise accumulate data of guests so as to set arrangements and furthermore issue guests ID, set up case document on a grievance or appeal by the guest.

The robot will be furnished with extra sensors, for example, metal and IED indicators, gas sensors, warm imaging and facial signal acknowledgement among others, to address the well being and security worries of its individual officers and the working environment.


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