In Smartphone IQ Test Google Assistant Beats Siri , Alexa

Google Assistant give answered 93 percent of the questions correctly in a test, followed by Siri with 83 percent. Google Assistant Beats Siri & Alexa.

In the war of digital assistants intensifies, Google Assistant has once again beaten Apple Siri & Amazon Alexa when it comes to answering queries correctly on smartphones.



Firm Loup Ventures, Research-driven venture capital found that Google Assistant understood every single query and answered correctly 92.9% of the time of smartphones.

The research team asked the digital assistants — Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri – 800+ each questions.

Google Assistant was able to give correctly answer 93 percent of them vs. Siri at 83 percent and Alexa at 80 percent.

In July 2018, Google Assistant correctly answered 86 percent vs. Siri at 79 percent and Alexa at 61 percent, said the report from Loup Ventures.


Testing was conducted using Apple Siri on iOS 12.4, Google Assistant on Pixel XL running Android 9 Pie, and Alexa via the iOS app.

Google Assistant was top performer in four of the five categories but fell short of Apple Siri in the Command category again.

“Apple Siri proves that more useful with phone-related functions like texting, calling, calendar, emailing, and music. Both Apple Siri and Google Assistant, which are baked into the OS of the phone, far outperformed Alexa in the Command section,” the findings showed.

Alexa lives in a third-party app, which, despite being able to send voice messages and call other Alexa devices, cannot send text messages, emails, or initiate a phone call.

The most significant disparity was Google’s out-performance in the Commerce category, correctly answering 92 percent vs. Siri at 68 percent and Alexa at 71 percent.



Google Assistant correctly all answered more questions about product and service information and where to buy certain items. while Alexa would be best-suited for commerce questions.

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“As measured by correct answers, over 13 months, Google Assistant improved by seven percentage points, Siri by 5 points, and Alexa by 18 points,” said the report.

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