Huawei 5G Singapore’s first artificial intelligence laboratory

Singapore newspaper correspondent Tsai Honda reports: 

Singapore’s first Huawei 5G artificial intelligence (AI) innovation laboratory, which Huawei invested more than 10 million US dollars, has officially put into operation in Changi Business Park. The laboratory will mainly focus on three aspects of talent training, innovation research and Sino-Singapore cooperation.

The 5G artificial intelligence innovation laboratory has 5G network facilities, which can do 5G product experiments and proof of concepts, and also provide a development platform for AI researchers and developers. Government agencies, universities, research institutions, and small and medium enterprises can use the laboratory.

It is reported that the experimental project covers the fields of transportation, education and service industry. Projects on display include self-driving vehicles made with Huawei’s 5G network and parts, as well as supermarket electronic scales developed by Huawei in cooperation with electrical manufacturer DIGI. Pedestrians can buy food through mobile apps or stop unmanned vehicles directly on the road, or use the vehicle to send express mail. The new electronic scale uses AI technology to automatically identify about 50 vegetable and fruit varieties on the weighing pan, which not only reduces errors caused by manual keystrokes in the supermarket but also makes shopping more convenient for consumers. The new electronic scale will be put on the market after a period of trial and improvement in the supermarket.


In addition, 

Huawei signed a memorandum of cooperation with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological Institute to cultivate talents in AI, cloud technology and 5G. It plans to train 100 AI engineers and 1,000 AI developers in Singapore in the next 3 years.

It change the huawei mobile network.



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