How does Google’s BERT update affect content marketing?

Google has announced that it has rolled out a new update called BERT.

Google’s BERT update You know what you are thinking. Is this update significantly? Should we take the time to learn more?

BERT affects one-tenth of search queries.

There is an expression to know the size of this update. This is the biggest update since Google released RankBrain.

In other words, it ‘s quite possible that this update will affect your site. And even if they haven’t yet been impacted, they will eventually be affected as traffic increases.

But before knowing what this update will do for SEO and how to address it (and, of course, we’ll talk about those later), let’s start by learning about the update.


What is BERT

BERT is an abbreviation for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

Probably many will be confused. What does this word mean?

In conclusion, Google has tuned the algorithm to do better natural language processing.

Think about it this way.

Search on Google using flight number as a keyword. You will see information about the flight. Also, if you search by some formula, the calculator module will be displayed, and if you search by any stock symbol, a stock price chart will be displayed.

Here is a simpler example. Enter a keyword in Google and the autocomplete feature will show you the keyword you are searching for before entering that keyword completely.

However, Google has provided these features before the BERT update. Let’s look at how BERT actually works.

Is BERT a Useful Update for Users?

Google has provided four examples of BERT.

First of all, the search result is “2019 brazil traveler to the USA needs a visa”.


In the past, Google has prioritized matching keywords. For example, “stand” had the same meaning as “stand-alone.”

Currently, I understand that “stand” in the above keywords is used in the meaning of physical demands.

In other words, I understand that it is used in the sense of “Is this job very tired?” “Do you have to stand forever?”


Does BERT affect anything other than search ranking?

This is not the only difference. Google has also made changes to highlight snippets.

For example, if you search for “parking on a hill with no curb,” Google used to look more closely at the word “curb” than necessary, Watching the word was not enough.


Web reps need to change their SEO strategy

When users search, search keywords are generally divided into three categories:

  1. Informational (information type)
  2. Navigational (guided)
  3. Transactional (transaction type)

Keywords that are classified as informational are those used by people who are looking for ways to lose weight. They don’t know how to lose weight. So search for “how to lose weight.”

Performing such a search would provide several different ways of dieting. From this stage, you will search for details of the method. For example, the keyword “Atkins diet” is classified as navigational.

After finding the best method, transactional categorized search keywords will be used. For example, “the Atkins diet cookbook.”

It is important that BERTs are primarily at the top of the funnel, meaning that they affect informational keywords.

Now, if you want to maintain your current rankings, as well as rank higher than competing sites, providing very detailed and well-written content is a simple way .

When asked about the easiest way to get information keywords to rank high, some SEOs might recommend creating very long content.

In fact, we often see very long content topping Google search results. However, Google’s algorithm does not look at word count, but at content quality .


Where to find opportunities in response to BERT

As I have already mentioned, there are opportunities to create very detailed and specific content on a topic.

Even with very detailed content, you don’t have to create very long pages about 50 different things, each consisting of 10,000 words. It means answering searchers’ questions as quickly as possible and providing more value than competing sites .

If you search for “what is it like to be in the Olympics”, the search results are as follows.



Even if traffic has been reduced by recent updates, that’s a good thing.

You may think it’s weird but think about it. When you search for “how to lose weight without taking a drug,” even if a user lands on an article that tells you how great your diet pill is, it will quickly drop out and return to Google search results Would.

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