Gates invests in a big breakthrough in solar energy! Produce over 1000 degrees of ultra-high temperature energy steelmaking

CNN reports that a secret startup invested by Microsoft founder Bill Gates has made a major breakthrough in solar technology with the goal of saving the planet.

Clean energy company Heliogen announced on the 19th that the company uses artificial intelligence and mirrors to reflect a lot of sunlight, which can produce ultra-high temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius.

Heliogen is like creating a solar furnace with a high temperature equivalent to a quarter of the sun’s surface.

This breakthrough means that the extremely high temperatures generated by concentrated solar energy can be used for the first time in the manufacture of cement, steel, glass and other industries that require high temperatures.

In other words, zero-emission solar energy has replaced fossil fuels, the industry that emits the most carbon dioxide, and the clean energy revolution of the past has never touched this.

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