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The following are some developer communities and websites that you can turn to for help if you run into problems while working with Android:

➤       Stack Overflow (—Stack Overflow is a collaboratively edited question-and-answer site for developers. If you have a question about Android, chances are someone at Stack Overflow is probably already discussing the same question. It’s also likely that someone else has already provided the answer. Best of all, other developers can vote for the best answer so that you can know which are the answers that are most trustworthy.

Google Android Training (— Google has launched the Android Training site, which contains a number of useful classes grouped by topics. At the time of writing, the classes mostly contain code snippets that are useful to Android developers who have started with the basics. After you have learned the basics in this book, I strongly suggest you take a look at the classes.

➤       Android Discuss (—Android Discuss is a discussion group hosted by Google using the Google Groups service. Here, you will be able to discuss the various aspects of Android programming. This group is monitored closely by the Android team at Google, so this is good place to clarify your doubts and to learn new tips and tricks.

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