Are there any good suggestions for students coming to college?

Some suggestions college tips for success  the junior high school students in life, study, and love:

In life

1. Learn to dress up yourself, you can’t be as high as the high school era when you go to college. Both boys and girls have time to take care of themselves. Even if it’s really troublesome, at least make yourself look neat and generous.

2. Develop healthy habits and eat less . If you have time, you can exercise for a certain amount of time every day. Keep yourself energized every day, not only for your health but also for your learning.

3. After the conflict with the roommate, how tolerant. If you feel that you have been offended, for the first time, forgive him. The second time, forbearance, a kind reminder. The third time, direct squatting. Of course, a harmonious room-friend relationship will make college life less troublesome.

4. Be grateful. In addition to family members who can help you in this world, you are the noble person in your life. When someone you know helps you, say “thank you.” If it is a stranger who can help you, you can say “thank you”, although it is only one more word than thank you, it is more polite and courteous.

5. Use the squad leader, often the squad leader can provide a lot of help. Using a good squad leader can make your college a lot easier. Of course, if you have time, please ask the squad leader for a meal.

6. See yourself. I am just a person in the sea. Everything is modest, not too arrogant, low-key, high-profile work.

7. Don’t compare. Maybe the people around you have a lot of local tyrants, rich second generation, and second-generation, but you don’t have to compare with them because there is no point. If you have time to compare, it is better to work harder and fight for yourself in the future.

8. Choose some meaningful communities that can improve your ability. Like robots, you can participate in robotics associations; if you have literary interests, you can add literature-related associations. In short, there are all kinds of interests that can go to add a community, and grow with all kinds of great gods. Like the student union, the associations or organizations responsible for miscellaneous school, health check, and self-study do not add, waste their time, and if they are not good, they will be black dogs by other students. (The answer to the Lord does not mean the Black Student Association, just to give advice to the school sister, of course, more time can also compete for the student union, if there is offense, please understand)

9. Less room. The bedroom is a place to breed laziness, and the longer it stays, the more decadent it is.

10. Have a good relationship with at least one senior school sister. Whether it is academic or life, they may help you a lot later. There is a senior school graduate who can let you take a lot of detours in the future.

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0. The life of the university is the most precious memory of life or the years. The old saying goes, “The flowers have a reopening day, and there are no more people.” I suggest that you should record your own college life, every moment, everything, every day. I recently used an app called WOLO Dream Travels, this app can record your bits and pieces, set up your own goals, and create your own list of university goals. I will use this application as my own diary. This diary is that you can see other people, others can see you, so it will also spark some sparks. There is a function inside that is like saying, my buddy and his girlfriend are here to know. The whole atmosphere of WOLO’s sleepwalking is very sunny. We love to say a word called “dream seeing” because there are too many people with big brains inside, they are very interesting, and interested friends can download and use them.

1. Don’t believe that some people say “the university is not complete without the subject” is similar. I want to say that the university is not complete but perfect. Not hanging out is the most basic manifestation of your university’s hard work, and you have not lived up to the original intention of why you came to the university. Moreover, if you hang up, you can’t keep the research, you can’t evaluate the scholarship, and you can veto one vote.

2. I regret that I didn’t know the truth during the first semester. “A lot of water courses in colleges don’t mean that you are serious endorsements. If you answer them carefully, you can get high scores.” Thinking, modern history, such classes must be more interactive with the teacher’s class, usually 60 points, these 60 points are very related to your activity, the frequency of communication with the teacher. When you are familiar with the teacher, you will naturally give you a higher level of peace.

3. High numbers, college physics, such classes must be practical, especially high numbers are very important for the study of later professional courses . (The liberal arts friends please ignore this one) Not only do you have to remember the formula, but also understand how each formula is pushed. Ask yourself more “Why is this method simple to use, and why the formula must use this formula.” Learn to think , not to memorize. Do more questions, practice makes perfect.

4. Don’t be too proud of the small achievements you have made . Just give yourself a compliment. I have worked hard and should get good grades. Continue to work hard and strive for better.

5. Don’t laugh at anyone who is worse than you, and don’t be arrogant. You never know who is better than anyone in the future.

6. If you have any questions, you must take the initiative to ask others, teachers, or schoolmasters around them. They are all powerful help on your way to learning.

7. Research should be as early as possible. English forty-six grades, computer grade exams, etc. can be tested early.

8. Focus on the ability to speak English. After receiving many years of “duty” education, quite a number of students have been evacuated by Chinese-style English. They can only do English papers. If you think this is enough, then you will be wrong. Learning English is ultimately in order to People exchange, learn and use is the real learning English, spend 25min every day and foreign teachers one-on-one oral communication, including expression exercises, free talk communication discussion, role-playing or scene exercises, learn to think differently with different thinking, you will soon I found that my oral ability has improved greatly and I am no longer afraid to speak.

9. The mentality cannot be broken during the final exam. The blood and tears of this semester. Because an experiment class thought that it was doing well at the time, the result teacher gave me a medium, and the mood was very difficult. Together with the library in the review week, the mind was exhausted and the mentality collapsed. ideal.

10. Review for the purpose of taking 100 points instead of reviewing for 60 points. High expectations for high demands.

11. Plan ahead in the future. In the future, I will be a direct graduate or postgraduate student in undergraduate studies, or a postgraduate study or a postgraduate study. These must be understood in advance. If you have any questions, ask me. With regard to insurance research and postgraduate research, the seniors think they know more.

In love

1. You can talk about love when you talk about love in college. Love in college is the most wonderful. If you meet someone you like, just cherish it, because you may never meet such a person again.

2. Single is not terrible. If you don’t have someone you like, just take a look at it. Let’s get the most out of your studies, improve your ability in all aspects, and improve yourself, at least let you have more chips when you are dating.

3. Be cautious in love. There are more and more men and women in the slag, many high school students have just entered the university, no love experience, it is easy to be cheated. For a while, if you think this person is the right person, further development.

4. Don’t fall in love with love. I think that love is more like two suitable people happening naturally under the catalysis of fate. Those who go to love in order to experience love are often harmful to others.

4. Respect each other’s love concept. Whether open or conservative, it is worthy of respect. Since it is a person you like, then please like the whole of ta, of course, including the concept of love.

5. If you develop to that extent, try it, but be sure to cherish yourself. Don’t believe that the boys said that I don’t want to go in and shoot outside. This is a lie. Ask him to wear a set. Be sure to wear it. Be sure to wear it. Boys are also responsible for girls. I know that the sexual desire of boys in their 20s is probably the highest period of their life, but be sure to stay sane. Don’t think about it.


1. Moderate reading. Use your spare time to go to the library to find a few books to read. The benefits of reading don’t need me to say more. Note that if you read in your spare time, reading does not affect your study. Of course, the scores in the university are more important.

2. Become beautiful. Girls learn to make up, and boys learn to wear and wear hair. It is said that the university is a beauty salon, but the beauty salon is not that you wait for the university to give you beauty, but rely on your own practical actions.

3. Be good at communication and communication. Grab some opportunities to exercise your ability to express, such as PPT on stage, interact with teachers, join clubs, participate in competitions, and more. I remember when I was in high school, I was a person who liked silence and had a very poor expression. The university has participated in many competitions in the past few years, especially in the large-scale competitions and the exhibitions and introductions of the experts from major universities across the country.

4. Do not use vulgar words, do not swear. Maybe the mantra you used to take is not malicious, but it is really bad. I believe that most girls don’t like boys who are often swearing, and always remind themselves not to swear.

5. Exercise of expression ability. I always think that exercise expression can also cultivate my own temperament. When you talk about it, the feeling of sober and intellectual will come to you. This kind of temperament can not be cultivated by dressing alone. It must be practiced for a long time. of. Here is a voice diary app called Sounds, which is very interesting and records the past with sound. Spend a little time every day to express your feelings. After recording, check your own descriptions of defects by listening back. You will find that your ability to express has risen by one step in a week. If you don’t know how to improve, you can also look at the feelings shared by others. It is also a good incentive to communicate with each other.

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