The Benefits of Organic farming

Benefits of Organic farming

Organically farming is a new concept, but it has already shown results in the food supply. In the past few years, organic farming has become more popular and with every year its effects on the food supply increase.

It is no longer only for vegans and vegetarians but for any conscious eaters.

I was so happy when I discovered these new ideas about organics.

Organic farming has many benefits, not only is it good for the environment, but it also protects the environment.

Organic farmers take care of the land and its environment by using natural fertilizers and natural pesticides.

The plants are not sprayed by chemicals. This prevents them from being killed by the chemicals used in today’s farming system.

They are not fed to animals because the animals are not fed.

This makes sure that the animal will be safe from diseases as well as the chemicals that can be found in our environment.

There are a lot of advantages to organic farming. But the most important benefit is to the environment.

By feeding animals using organic food you help the environment as well as your own health.

Organic farming helps in preserving the soil as well as the water supply. The natural fertilizers and pesticides used to grow the crops to help the soil to retain more nutrients and retain water.

So it acts as a water and nutrient store for future generations.

With organic farms, there is less pollution than with other farms. These farms do not use as much chemical fertilizers or pesticides, which means less runoff of these harmful substances into the water table.

This helps our land to absorb more nutrients and water.

This helps to preserve the environment. Just imagine, we will have no more pollution, no more landfills and no more chemicals in our water.

What is the right diet?

You will not have to worry about the environment or about the future. Your health will always be healthy and there will never be anything to be worried about.

Our diets have not changed in the last couple of years, the things that we eat have only changed a little. Some people are starting to realize that even organic foods that have been organic for years do not taste the same. We all know that organic foods are better for us but that is not the whole story.

Most people who are on a diet, especially when they are on a low-calorie diet, they tend to switch to organic food, which can be unhealthy if you are not careful. Organic foods such as fruits and vegetables may be a good source of vitamins and minerals. But once again you have to watch what you eat because there is no such thing as healthy organic foods.

Organic farming is a healthy way to eat.

It is a way to ensure that you give back to Mother Earth.

WhatsApp Delete Messages Feature to Work as a Group ‘Cleaning Tool’, App’s Latest Beta for iPhone

WhatsApp Delete Messages Feature


WhatsApp was earlier spot to be working on a new ‘Delete Messages‘ feature that will

essentially self-destroy chats after a specified time.

This new feature was first seen in development on Android, and now it has been spotted on iOS as well. Interestingly,

WhatsApp seems to have changed the course on the “Delete Messages” feature and is now reportedly developing it as a “cleaning tool” for groups.

The feature seems to help admins delete group chats after a while, in order to help manage storage, and get rid of old chats automatically.


Now that we know what Delete Messages feature can be used for, it is a welcome addition to groups that are often plagued with too many chats, unknowingly eating up phone storage. As mentioned, admins will be able to choose how long the messages will last before they are deleted, and they can select options ranging from one hour to one year.






What are SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and DaaS?

What are SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and DaaS? A clear explanation of each difference

Have you ever heard the terms “SaaS” or “PaaS”?

These are the classifications of “cloud computing systems” performed over networks.

You might ask, “I’ve heard you somehow, but I don’t know …”

Therefore, this time, I will explain in detail the differences between SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and DaaS that are common among cloud services.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is an abbreviation of “cloud computing” and refers to a service that requires connection to the Internet.

Until now, data such as e-mails and various contents were stored in the storage of personal devices.
However, with the spread of smartphones and tablet devices, an environment where data can be accessed from anywhere at any time has been required.

That’s where the cloud service came in. A service that collects and manages data in one place via the Internet and provides it to users via a network.

Cloud means literally “cloud”.

There are various theories as to why the word “cloud” came to be used, such as “I used a cloud diagram when showing an intangible network.”

Difference between SaaS PaaS IaaS DaaS

The four most commonly used cloud services are SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and DaaS.

The four cloud services are briefly described below.

SaaS: Software provision
PaaS: Providing a platform
IaaS: Provision of infrastructure such as virtual servers and networks
DaaS: Provision of desktop

Different software and platforms are provided.

There are quite a few people who say, “I know what we offer depends on the type of cloud service, but I don’t know which service to use.” We will now explain the four cloud services in detail.

About SaaS

First, I will explain about “SaaS”.


What is SaaS?

SaaS is an abbreviation of “Software as a Service” and is a service that provides software via the Internet. Previously, the software was provided as a packaged product. SaaS has made it available as a service via the Internet.

The main features of SaaS are as follows.

Data can be stored on the Internet

Data can be accessed from any terminal such as PC, smartphone, and tablet

Multiple people can share and edit the same data

Typical SaaS services

Specific SaaS services include Google Apps, Office Web Apps, and Dropbox.

Google Apps (Google Apps) is an online application pack for organizations that includes communication tools such as Gmail and office tools such as Google Drive and Google Docs.

Like Google Apps, Office Web Apps and Dropbox are applications that can be edited, saved, and shared online.

Advantages and disadvantages of SaaS

The advantage of SaaS is that data can be edited and stored on the Internet, which reduces the risk of data loss.
In addition, security is always up to date because updates are performed automatically.
On the other hand, if you cannot connect to the Internet, there is a disadvantage that the service itself cannot be used.
By the way, since it is already a prepared application, you can not customize it freely by yourself.


About PaaS

Next, I will explain “PaaS”.

What is PaaS?

PaaS (Platform) is an abbreviation of “Platform as a Service” and is a service that provides a platform for executing applications via the Internet.
PaaS is mainly a service for developers, and provides a platform for application programs on the Internet. As a result, it is possible to reduce the time required for creating applications and setting the environment.
The main features of PaaS are as follows.

Develop applications on the provided platform

You can build your own system using the platform

PaaS representative services

Specific services for PaaS include Google App Engine, Amazon Web Service, and Microsoft Azure.
Google App Engine is a PaaS that allows you to create and run applications on Google infrastructure. With Google App Engine, you no longer need to maintain the server yourself. Characteristically, if you simply upload an application, you can run it alone.

Advantages and disadvantages of PaaS

One of the advantages of PaaS is that it provides all the programming languages ​​and management systems required for application development, as well as the base and development tools such as the OS, so there is no need to set up a complicated development environment, and it concentrates on system development. That is.
Also, applications that are already prepared like SaaS are not provided but must be started from the application development stage. Therefore, it can be customized freely. However, the programming languages ​​and databases that can be used are limited to those provided by PaaS. As for the development environment, you can use only those that are set in advance, so you cannot choose the environment freely.

This is a disadvantage.

About IaaS

Next, I will explain about “IaaS”.


What is IaaS?

IaaS (Earth) is an abbreviation of “infrastructure as a Service” and is a service that provides infrastructure such as virtual servers and networks via the Internet.

By using IaaS, if you have an Internet environment, you can use IT infrastructures such as servers and virtual machines without purchasing hardware.

The main features of IaaS include the following points.

Create highly flexible applications and platforms Requires advanced expertise

Typical IaaS services

Specific services of IaaS include Google Compute Engine and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Google Compute Engine provides virtual machines running on Google data centers and fiber networks.
You can host websites, deploy applications, store and analyze data on the same infrastructure that Google uses.

Advantages and disadvantages of IaaS

As an advantage of IaaS, you can freely choose the hardware specifications and OS types required when using the server.
On the other hand, because of its high degree of freedom in development, it requires specialized knowledge such as infrastructure design, server management, and operation skills.

You also have to do all the security measures yourself.

Difference between IaaS and VPS

I will explain the difference between IaaS and VPS.

About VPS

VPS is an abbreviation of “Virtual Private Server”, and a virtual server is assigned to each user on a host OS installed on a physically existing server. Can be used as a server.

Since the user is the owner of the virtual server, he / she can have administrator privileges and can select the OS to install as well as install his / her favorite applications.


IaaS is more flexible

IaaS is a pay-as-you-go system, in which usage fees change depending on the resources used, making it easy to change resources.

On the other hand, since VPS is a monthly system, no matter how much resources are used within the contract, the fee does not change, but when changing resources, the contract itself must be changed, so it is more flexible than IaaS It can be said that the nature is low.


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IaaS is not all about virtual computers

IaaS can operate firewalls (firewalls to protect against unauthorized access), load balancers (devices that balance the load on servers), and VPN, which are the front part of virtual computers.
On the other hand, if you try to build a network that includes a firewall with only VPS, a new contract is required, making it difficult to build as easily as IaaS.


About DaaS

Finally, I will explain about “DaaS”.


What is DaaS?

DaaS (Darth) is an abbreviation of “Desktop as a Service” and is a service that provides desktops via the Internet.
Users can call and use the desktop environment from the Internet simply by preparing the minimum necessary equipment such as a display, keyboard, and mouse.

There are three types of DaaS offerings.

Each feature includes the following points.

[Private Cloud DaaS] DaaS using its own cloud environment can be customized for in-house management Highly secure, comfortable and stable operation is possible

[Virtual Private Cloud DaaS] The DaaS shared part and the dedicated part that build a virtual desktop environment on IaaS and PaaS are combined, and the dedicated part can be customized
[Public Cloud DaaS] DaaS using a shared cloud environment Since resources are shared and used by multiple users, customization is low but costs can be reduced DaaS representative services

Specific services for DaaS include Windows Virtual Desktop, IBM Smart Business Desktop, and Citrix XenDesktop. With Windows Virtual Desktop, you can easily use VDI (Desktop Virtualization) and manage most of the management components on the Microsoft Azure side (a collection of cloud services that are constantly expanding to help meet business challenges).

It has the feature of managing and providing services. In addition, because Windows10 multi-session connection is possible, using Windows10 can provide VDI to multiple users with one virtual machine.

Advantages and disadvantages of DaaS

As a merit of DaaS, it is strong against virus infection and security. Since the data can be centrally managed on the server, there is no need to worry about data leakage even if the PC is lost.
In addition, DaaS is a cloud-based service, so it can reduce the initial cost of introduction.
On the other hand, in the case of virtual desktops, the desktop environment is deployed on the PC through the network, which increases the load on the network. Therefore, operation and data transfer may be slow.

Difference between DaaS and VDI

VDI refers to software that extends the desktop environment of a PC. It provides a virtual desktop environment for one display.

The difference between DaaS and VDI is where the desktop environment called from the user terminal exists and who provides the environment.

The desktop environment is deployed on the cloud, and DaaS is provided by an external company. The desktop environment is deployed on servers in the company, and VDI operates in-house.

Use SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS for each purpose

The difference between SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and DaaS is, to put it simply, “how much to prepare as a cloud”.

IaaS can be freely customized from the stage of application and platform to application development, so it can be customized to your liking. However, specialized skills are required for development.
PaaS is located between IaaS and SaaS, so if you only want to develop applications, you can quickly develop while keeping costs down.

SaaS provides applications as package products, so there is no freedom of customization, but it can be used immediately, so it is recommended for cloud service beginners.

DaaS is a service already prepared like SaaS, so there is no need for development skills or effort. It is recommended for those who want to start at low cost without worrying about security because all software and data are in the cloud.

Thus, the optimal cloud service depends on the purpose and the degree of freedom of development.


WhatsApp will stop working on these smartphone models



Whatsapp will stop working on several phones at the end of the month.

Users with older models are being warned they need to buy a new handset to continue using the app.

WhatsApp confirmed on its support page that anyone with a Windows Phone will lose access from December 31, 2019.

The app will also stop working on iPhones running anything older than iOS 7 and Android devices with versions 2.3.7 installed.

Players can receive GTA: San Andreas for free for a limited time!

Players can receive GTA San Andreas for free for a limited time!

The game store Rockstar Games Launcher is officially launched!

Now more and more game makers are launching their game stores, such as EA’s Origin platform, Epic Games Store, Battle Net, Uplay, etc., all selling games on their platforms.

Now Rockstar Games is officially announced on Twitter. Rockstar Games’ game store, the Rockstar Games Launcher, has been launched formally.

Players can purchase Rockstar Games directly from the Rockstar Games Launcher. For example, players can buy GTA V and LA Noire instantly at the store. “, “Max Payne 3”, “Bully” and so on.

San Andreas for free for a limited time!

To celebrate the launch of the Rockstar Games Launcher, players now only need to download the Rockstar Games Launcher to get the game “GTA: San Andreas” for free! “GTA: San Andreas” was released in 2005. The background city of the game was set in San Andreas. After learning the news that the mother was killed, Carl Johnson returned to his home in Luoshengdu and gradually untied his mother. The inside story of the murder and the revival of the gang and the development of their own business. Besides, “GTA: San Andreas” won several game awards, one of the classic games in the “GTA” series!

Currently, the Rockstar Games Launcher has been officially launched. Interested players can download the Rockstar Games Launcher by clicking the button below, and receive San Andreas for free for a limited time!

You can check the official Website:

GTA: San Andreas for free for a limited time!

Watch the Video

The five best tools to find keywords

The five best tools to find keywords

Why is it essential to find keywords? Visibility on the net is the crucial element when you want to start or develop your business. Indeed, you can have the best products in the world, the most successful marketing, have an excellent image, but if no one reads your articles, you will have trouble taking off.

And to find out what people who might be interested in your products, training or advice like, you should automatically find the right keywords. Indeed, knowing their expectations, it will be easier to provide them with the answers they expect and thus to build a relationship of trust and icing on the cake to create a community.

What are the excellent tools to find useful keywords? How to do a proper search for keywords? What to do once one finds his expressions words and that one wishes to use them? I answer these questions and guide you here.

What is a keyword generator?

To help you in this sometimes delicate task of finding themes to position your articles, there are tools called keyword generators. They will help you discover key phrases that fit your niche. This will then allow you to write your items that will be targeted on desired topics.

You will thus make known to you as soon as possible, and be able to live off your activity. I speak knowingly because I have personally experienced it.

For a long time, I did not know how to act and how to organize myself to make my website visible. I was then able to make the right choices at a particular time, and it is this experience that I wish to convey to you now.

I want to accompany you in this quest for visibility, and therefore in this development of your SEO. Because contrary to what one can think, with useful tools, keywords, one can develop much faster and more efficiently. And your online presence will change everything …

Why is it essential to work on your keywords?

When we start on the internet, we often have only one word to mouth: Seo SEO. And if you think so too, know that you are right because it is the key to online business!

However, before talking about Google’s position, there is one aspect that should not be overlooked. This is the analysis of keywords and the lexical field around a theme.

Unless you are in a niche where you are alone, you have to compete. On the internet no matters what you type on search engines, there are always several millions of results. The first ones are not still related to the typed query. This means that you will have to “fight” to be seen.

That’s when keywords come in.

For a very long time, I wrote about themes that appealed to me, or else about what went through my head without doing research upstream. I could even write two, three, or four times on the same subject. Yes if you read between the lines, you understand that it is a grave mistake!

At that time, my internet traffic was not increasing or at least not the way I wanted it. I gave myself a bad dog to write articles, but I could not exceed 2500 to 3000 visitors per day, which is already honorable in itself.

By cons when I was told about the tools, you will discover below. I was able to target the topics of my articles better, find the right keywords, and interest more readers.

Since then I have multiplied by 12 the number of visitors in 24 months, and having a pace of publication much less than in the past!

The three ways to find keywords!

There are three solutions to use and especially find keywords Google is what I noticed through my experience because I write articles for over 12 years!

1 / Use your instinct to find a keyword

You know the field in which you practice, you know the problems of your customers, and you knows what your prospects are looking for. It is therefore reasonable that you rely on your instinct to determine your editorial line. You have to know how to trust yourself and write the article you like about the subject that you think is important.

You have the expertise that others do not have, and it is only natural to want to transmit it. The Google keyword does not reflect 100% of the problem. Do not think that you must be stuck on finding these expressions.

2 / Google keywords and competition

Your instinct and keyword generators are not the only options for finding an interesting topic to deal with. You can also takes a tour of the game to see what are the most read articles, the most-watched videos, the latest trends. Be careful, never copy what your competitors do, you can get inspired by their ideas, but you MUST have YOUR philosophy.

Do not leave your niche and do not claim to be an expert in a field just because your competitor has just published an article about it. The goal is always to remain ethical if we want to succeed sustainably.

3 / Use a keyword generator

To facilitate your search, I strongly advise you to use a specialized platform to find quality keywords. You have several tools that are available to you. I explain in this article the importance of google keywords and how to use them well.

This is an investment, although they all have free versions necessarily limit the data they can send you. There is no points in not using them thoroughly. Even when we do not have significant incomes, prices are still affordable!

I present to you for this the five most effective solutions when launching a search of keywords in the next part.

Finding keywords is the basis of an online business

Basing myself on software tips to find relevant keywords, carefully preparing each article or videos not based on what I think is a good topic, but what the INTERNET is looking for has made all the difference.

When one is an entrepreneur, one sometimes has the head on the handlebars to have some form of objectivity, or to know the real problems of the prospects.

We have a philosophy, and we want to talk only about it. Naturally, if no one can find you on Google, you are wasting your time.

The search keywords do not tell us how to write, but the topics that are most sought after. And then it’s up to you to adapt your ideas and your way of writing to stick to the subject.

Moreover, this article that you are currently reading is no exception to the rule! It comes from my philosophy, but it is structured according to keywords that have made you at this moment in consultation!

The goal is both to give the best advice possible but also to have real visibility on the net to benefit the most significant number.

And to find the best keywords in SEO, I suggest several tools.

What is the best keyword generator?

In my eyes, the best keyword generator is Yoda Insight.


If you want me to make your confidant, it is undoubtedly the tool that I use most often. With one click, you can easily understand which keywords are the most interesting and which ones should not be used in the article to create another one.

It is French software, and therefore, it is specifically aimed at the Indian-speaking market because it is the one that holds the most extensive database on keywords. There are over 100,000,000 search phrases!

A free version is available, but not all features are accessible. Otherwise, you can subscribe for 39 € per month. And as much as you say that if you start your business, it may well be your best investment.

For example, a freelancer will take you a few hundred euros to perform this work which consists of discovering new keywords. As for a web agency, finding keywords is charged up to several thousand euros. Also, it will be less well done if you do it yourself. Who better than you know your industry?

So you can save money while having quality work because it is not very complicated to use. Create a free account here and start your keyword search now!


The other four tools to use for your keyword search!

There are also free tools for keyword research. I have decided to mention the other four platforms that can help you find inspiration.

1 / Google keyword planner to find keywords for his site easily

This is the first software or keyword research tool that comes to mind.

When we talk about search engine, for entrepreneurs of the web, we talk about Google. It is, therefore, logical to use the tool of the latter to know which are the subjects on which you must put energy.

You’ll have access to all the related searches to expand your article and bring the best content to your readers.

2 / Keyword Tool to find keyword ideas

The long train is an essential element in SEO and visibility. Indeed, there is often less competition because they are small keywords. You will have more chance to appear quickly in the top 5 googles.

This tool, therefore, makes it easy to obtain keywords sought at this level. Also, you can position yourself on sales platforms such as Amazon or the Apple Store with these suggestions.

3 / SpyFu to find the keywords of a site!

Those who did English as a first language noticed the “SPY.” Indeed this platform is slightly different from the others in the sense that it scans the google keywords of the competitors.

In this way, you do not rely on what you need to write but instead on what your competitors have already written. A more straightforward way to compete directly.

4 / UberSuggest: the best free keyword generator!

Let’s go back to the perfect keyword planning tools where you will not spy on the competition but rather determine your editorial line.

With Ubersuggest, you can ideally find relevant keywords. But the advantage of this tool is that you can benefit from suggestions for Youtube and Google Images. Do not neglect these much more used platforms than you think to refer to critical phrases!

What to do after a keyword search!

It is at this stage that the party begins!

Finding keyword ideas is a great thing and will take up a lot of your time. But then you have to write or create content differently.

In addition to using this software, I started to write more articles, more extended, to make more worked videos.

You have a choice to make, and for me it is essential.

You can delegate writing to low-cost agencies in Tunisia or Madagascar and have tons of articles each week for affordable prices. Or, you can spend hours and hours writing and transmitting your philosophy.

Yes, it’s not a rewarding job. You’re not going to take the pleasure of spending hours on your computer typing your article. But the results will be present. That’s what matters?

And above all, you will transmit a real added value to your readers, which will facilitate the relationship of trust.

Of course, it is possible to save a little time, and I will explain how in a future article on the Dragon software. But I can guarantee you that the writing is time-consuming, especially when it is necessary to be careful to respect the choice of the keywords!

The goal now is to have a consistent editorial line that meets the demands of the web. Of course, you can write an article that has not been inspired by any of these keyword research tools, but I urge you to rely on them.

It is not me who says it but the traffic of my site!