7 Steps of Google Search Engine optimization

Steps of Google Search Engine optimization :


Unique Content :

1. Place as much as possible unique content, which includes long low competitive keywords. Such keywords attract not so much traffic to the sites, but they provide an excellent opportunity to quickly get a high ranking in the search results among similar sites. 

Social Bookmarking :

2. Social bookmarking is a good way to inform the online world about where your site is located. Also with the help of social bookmarks you can build a whole network of links to your project. 

Use the RSS system :

3. Quite a few users use the RSS system not effectively. With its proper application, you can solve two problems: search robots will perceive the broadcast as a link to the site and at the same time attract traffic.

Something Update :

4. Do not allow your project to remain static for a long time. As often as possible add interesting and unique content.

Network Link:

5. Creating a network of links should be in second place in turn immediately after the placement of unique content on the site. Try to make a link exchange or get the opportunity to place links to your resource on the pages of reputable sites that are thematically similar to your project. 

HTML Tags :

6. Proper use of informative tags and pure HTML will greatly simplify the search for your site, and this, in turn, will lead to a higher index of resource ranking in search engines. 

Seo-promotion methods :

7. Refuse black seo-promotion methods. Many webmasters spend a lot of time in order to deceive the search engines. But all efforts will be in vain when you are caught in it. And this is sure to happen sometime. Therefore, it is necessary to direct your energy in the right direction: the implementation of those technologies that will subsequently bring a stable and long-lasting result.
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