MIUI 11 update come out and which smartphone update receive it

MIUI 11 update

Xiaomi promised to improve performance and reduce the number of new MIUI 11 update firmware. As reported in our detailed report on MIUI 11 UPDATE, the software comes with several cool new features, including a modern UI

Advertising. But the official date of the announcement has yet been called. However, insiders figured out the release date of the shell and a list of smartphones to receive MIUI 11 updates.

Who will update?

MIUI 11 update is compatible with the following platforms:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/855 Plus, SD835, SD821, SD730, SD710, SD675, SD660, SD625 , SD712, SD845,
  • MediaTek P35, MTK A22, MediaTek HelioG90 ,MTK P22
  • Surge S1.

In other words, the latest firmware needs to receive smartphones running these SoCs.

However, do not rush to dig your hall. There is already a list of models that updated to MIUI 11 update depending on your memory or smartphone settings. Traditionally, flagships are updated first, followed by older models.

So at first, you get the firmware.

  • Xiaomi Mi 9
  • Mi 9 Explorer Edition
  • Mi 9 SE
  • Mi Mix 3
  • CC9
  • Red beauty k20
  • K20 Pro
  • Unreleased Redmi Note 8.

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In the second wave of updates:

  • Xiaomi CC9e
  • Beauty 8
  • Mi 8 Explorer Edition
  • Mi 8 Pro
  • Mi 8 SE
  • Mi 8 Lite
  • Mi Mix 2
  • Miss Max 3
  • Grace notes 3
  • Beauty 6
  • Mi play
  • Mi 6X
  • Red US Banknote 7
  • Redmi Note 7 Pro
  • Red beauty 7
  • Red Me Note 5.

List down further:

  • Mi Mix 2
  • Mi Mix
  • Miss Max 2
  • Red me 5 plus
  • Red Me Note 5A
  • Red Me 6 Pro
  • Red beauty s2
  • Mi 5X
  • Beauty 5c
  • Mi 5s plus.

This list does not include Pocophone F1, Redmi Note 6 Pro, and Mi Pad series tablets, but may be updated.

Created “indoor” High-Performance Photovoltaic Solar Cells that will power the Internet of things

High-Performance Photovoltaic Solar Cells

High-Performance Photovoltaic Solar Cells           

About Solar Cells

Solar cells have been developed that can convert ambient light into electricity inside homes, apartments, and offices.

Research about Solar Panels :

A joint group of Swedish and Chinese scientists developed organic solar cells that will convert natural light into electricity in the home. The performance of such solar panels is minimal, but it is enough to provide a lot of gadgets from the Internet of things system.

As the Internet of Things develops its surroundings, millions of everyday devices will need to be connected to the network in homes and common areas, many of them will be equipped with sensors to control temperature, humidity, and other physical parameters. This means that the need will grow for small, cheap in the production and operation of energy sources instead of bulky and expensive batteries.

Organic solar cells can become such a source – they are not only cheap and easy to manufacture due to large-format printing capabilities,


Their light-absorbing layer consists of a combination of donors and acceptors that respond to different wavelengths of light.

Organic solar cells

Organic solar cells created by experts from the universities of Beijing and Linkoping use light waves that match the natural daylight in the rooms. The new photocells are designed in two sizes – 1 sq. Cm, and four sq. Cm. The first responds to lighting with an intensity of 1000 lux and converts 26.1% of the scattered sunlight into electricity; a more significant element has a 23% conversion.

Scientists are sure that in the coming years, the efficiency of organic solar cells can be further improved by optimizing the materials used to create them.

This work shows great promise for the widespread use of organic photovoltaics in our daily lives to power the Internet of Things,” concluded Feng Gao, a senior lecturer at the Department of Organic Electronics at Linkoping University.

How do Solar cells work?


Best Free Sitemap Generators For Website 2019

Best Free Sitemap Generators For Website 2019

To create site maps, special tools and programs are used. Best Free Sitemap Generators For Website (Sitemap Generators) allow you to automate the collection of links to all pages of the site and generate the result in XML Sitemaps or in another format. The finished site map file can be downloaded, uploaded to the hosting. The site map file created in this way is supported by all Google search engines, Microsoft Live Search, Yandex, Yahoo.   Google’s official wiki archive provides a list of these resources:

Foreign media look at China’s “new four major inventions”: China’s ability to accept new technologies is strong

Best Free Sitemap Generators For Website and site map creation services:

  • XML Sitemap Generator – http://xmlsitemapgenerator.org/
  • XML-Sitemaps Generator – http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/
  • AuditMyPc.com Sitemap Generator – http://www.auditmypc.com/free-sitemap-generator.asp
  • Neuroticweb.com Sitemap Generator – http://www.neuroticweb.com/recursos/sitemap/
  • Autositemap, paid – http://www.autositemap.com/
  • Enarion phpSitemapsNG – http://enarion.net/google/phpsitemapng/crawler/
  • Free Sitemap Generator – http://www.freesitemapgenerator.com/
  • ROR Sitemap Generator – http://www.addme.com/ror-sitemap-generator.htm
  • ScriptSocket Sitemap Generator – http://www.scriptsocket.com/sitemaps.php
  • SitemapDoc – http://www.sitemapdoc.com/
  • SitemapSubmit – http://www.sitemapsubmit.net/generate-sitemap
  • Smart-IT-Consulting Google Sitemaps XML Validator – http://www.smart-it-consulting.com/internet/google/submit-validate-sitemap/
  • Sitemapspal – http://www.sitemapspal.com/
  • AutoMapIt – http://www.automapit.com/googlesitemaps.html

Server programs generating site maps:

  • Simple Sitemaps (PHP) – http://www.smart-it-consulting.com/article.htm?node=154&page=82
  • Perl Sitemap Generator (Perl) – http://code.google.com/p/perlsitemapgenerator/
  • Enarion phpSitemapsNG (PHP) – http://enarion.net/google/
  • Google Sitemap Generator (Linux / Windows, 32 / 64bit, open-source) – http://code.google.com/p/googlesitemapgenerator/
  • Outil en PHP (French, PHP) – http://www.orvinfait.fr/generateur_sitmap_version.html
  • Sitemap generator for OS / 2 (REXX-script) – http://omniplex.om.funpic.de/src/sitemap.cmd
  • SiteMap XML Dynamic Sitemap Generator (PHP) , paid program – http://www.softswot.com/sitemapinfo.php
  • XML Sitemap Generator (PHP), paid program – http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/standalone-google-sitemap-generator.html

Site map generators for CMS (site map creation plugins)

  • DotClear – http://coudert.free.fr/blog//index.php?2005/06/24/102-sitemap-for-dotclear
  • Drupal – http://drupal.org/project/xmlsitemap
  • ASP.NET – Sitemaps.Net – http://james.newtonking.com/projects/sitemaps-net.aspx
  • mnoGoSearch – http://sourceforge.net/projects/ms2sm
  • OS Commerce – http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3226
  • phpWebSite – http://www.kiesler.at/article232.html
  • Plone – http://plone.org/products/qplonegooglesitemaps
  • Textpattern – http://forum.textpattern.com/viewtopic.php?id=27212
  • vBulletin – http://www.vbseo.com/f44/vbseo-google-yahoo-sitemap-generator-vbulletin-3-5-x-vbulletin-3-0-x-2648/
  • Wikka Wiki  – http://wikkawiki.org/GoogleSitemapHandler
  • ECommerce Templates, paid – http://www.pc4people.com/products.php?cat=57
  • LifeType – http://wiki.lifetype.net/index.php/PLog_1.0/Plugins/sitemap
  • MediaWiki Sitemap generator – http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:GenerateSitemap.php
  • RapidWeaver – http://loghound.com/Sitemap/index.php
  • WordPress – http://www.arnebrachhold.de/projects/wordpress-plugins/google-xml-sitemaps-generator/

Stationary programs and utilities for creating a site map:

  • Sitemap Generator by DevIntelligence (Windows) – http://devintelligence.com/sitemapgenerator/
  • Rage Google Sitemap Automator (OS-X), paid, – http://www.ragesw.com/products/googlesitemap.html
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider and Sitemap generator (Windows / Mac), paid – http://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/
  • Site Map Pro (Windows), paid – http://www.sitemappro.com/
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  • GSiteCrawler (Windows) – http://gsitecrawler.com/
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Best Way To Download Udemy Videos on Your Computer With Udemy Course Downloader

how to download udemy videos

How To Download Udemy Video Free in HD

It is free software that downloads the Udemy course videos in a single click. Udemy.com is the world’s largest online learning platform. It is aimed at professional adults and students. Udemy has more than 30 million students and 50,000 instructors teaching courses in over 60 languages. There have been over 245 million course enrollments. so that we provide how to download Udemy video in free HD

Best Way To Download Udemy Videos on Your Computer With Udemy Course Downloader

What is udemy?

Udemy.com is an online education platform.  also It is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 100000 courses and 24 million students. Learn programming, marketing, data science, etc.

How to Download Video From Udemy Just one Click

how to download udemy videos
how to download udemy videos

Download Udemy Video App For Windows Free

Download Now

Download Udemy Videos Online Free ( Step To Step)

Step 1: Click here to download a software Udeler Udemy Course Downloader (GUI) And install.

( it is also available mac or Linux)


Note:- if you are using Windows operating system Download x86 version because x64 not working some windows.

Step 2: After complete Installation process put your Udemy Email id or password.

Step 3:  Show display all course through you Enrolled and click to Download ( Download multiply course at a time)

how to download udemy videos


Some Features of Udeler Udemy Course Downloader (GUI)

  • Choose video quality.
  • Download multiple courses at once.
  • Set Download Start and Download End.
  • Pause/Resume download at any time.
  • Choose download directory.
  • Multilingual (English, Italian,Spanish).

Foreign media look at China’s “new four major inventions”: China’s ability to accept new technologies is strong

new four major inventions

Foreign media look at China’s “new four major inventions”: China’s ability to accept new technologies is strong

The British BBC website published an article on April 3, saying that China’s “new four major inventions” include high-speed rail, mobile payment, e-commerce, and shared bicycles. Although the technology based on the “New Four Inventions” does not originate in China, China is leading in the promotion and application. This shows that China is faster than in other countries in accepting new technologies.

How did the word “new four great inventions” come from?

The “New Four Inventions” seems to be a survey conducted by Beijing Foreign Studies University in May 2017. The survey asked 20 people from different countries to list the Chinese technologies that they “most want to bring back to the country.” The top answers are high-speed rail, mobile payments, e-commerce, and shared bicycles.

The “New Four Inventions” will remind people of the “four great inventions” of ancient China, namely papermaking, gunpowder, printing, and compass.

China has always attached great importance to technological innovation because China wants to become an “innovative country” by 2020. According to the World Economic Forum, China’s investment in research and development is second in the world, second only to the United States.

The technology of the “new four major inventions” does not originate in China.

But these technologies did not originate in China and were invented decades ago.

High-speed rail

There is no standard definition for “high-speed rail.” The EU believes that the speed of the new track reaches 250km/h, and the speed of 200km/h in the old track can be called “high speed.”

According to the International Union of Railways (UIC), the first high-speed train service began in 1964, the Japanese Shinkansen or high-speed train.

Before the start of the 2008 Olympic Games, China opened the first high-speed rail to connect Beijing and Tianjin.

Mobile payment

In 1997, Finland presented the first cases of payments using mobile devices. However, some people think that mobile payment started when Apple paid for it in 2014.


In 1979, the British Michael Aldridge proposed the concept of online shopping. Through a technology called Videotex, Aldridge connects a regular TV to a local retailer’s computer with a telephone line.

But e-commerce is popular in the 1990s because Amazon and eBay established their website in 1995.

Shared bicycle

The concept of shared bikes was introduced to Amsterdam in the 1960s. But to prevent aggression, the police confiscated these bicycles. The first large-scale shared bicycle program took place in European cities in the 1990s, and Copenhagen was the first city to introduce.

But Chinese companies like Mumbai and Xiaohuangqi are at the forefront of the “indefinite parking” shared bicycle industry. People can use their smartphones to locate bicycles and park them anywhere.

China’s absorption and adaptation capacity exceeds that of other countries

However, China has surpassed other countries in the uptake and adaptation of these four technologies.

China now has the world’s largest high-speed rail network of about 25,000 kilometers and plans to double by 2030.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the total amount of mobile payments in China in the first ten months of 2017 reached US$12.7 trillion, ranking first in the world.

In February this year, Liu Xiaoming, deputy director of the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, said that there are currently 23 million shared bicycles in China, with 400 million registered users.

According to a 2010 study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, China has more than 700 million Internet users and is the world’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce market.

Xu Gongcheng, a scholar at Xiamen University, said: “Some people think that the technology based on the ‘new four inventions’ does not originate from China. This is true. But China has used these technologies to make new inventions.

Players can receive GTA: San Andreas for free for a limited time!

Players can receive GTA: San Andreas for free for a limited time!

Players can receive GTA San Andreas for free for a limited time!

The game store Rockstar Games Launcher is officially launched!

Now more and more game makers are launching their game stores, such as EA’s Origin platform, Epic Games Store, Battle Net, Uplay, etc., all selling games on their platforms.

Now Rockstar Games is officially announced on Twitter. Rockstar Games’ game store, the Rockstar Games Launcher, has been launched formally.

Players can purchase Rockstar Games directly from the Rockstar Games Launcher. For example, players can buy GTA V and LA Noire instantly at the store. “, “Max Payne 3”, “Bully” and so on.

San Andreas for free for a limited time!

To celebrate the launch of the Rockstar Games Launcher, players now only need to download the Rockstar Games Launcher to get the game “GTA: San Andreas” for free! “GTA: San Andreas” was released in 2005. The background city of the game was set in San Andreas. After learning the news that the mother was killed, Carl Johnson returned to his home in Luoshengdu and gradually untied his mother. The inside story of the murder and the revival of the gang and the development of their own business. Besides, “GTA: San Andreas” won several game awards, one of the classic games in the “GTA” series!

Currently, the Rockstar Games Launcher has been officially launched. Interested players can download the Rockstar Games Launcher by clicking the button below, and receive San Andreas for free for a limited time!

You can check the official Website:

GTA: San Andreas for free for a limited time!

Watch the Video

Whatsapp New Update: 5 Features You Should Know (September, 2019)

Whatsapp Update: 5 Upcoming Features You Should Be Know about (September, 2019)

Whatsapp new update 2019: 5 Upcoming Features

Whatsapp Update: 5 Upcoming Features You Should Be Know about (September, 2019)
                 Whatsapp Update: 5 Upcoming Features You Should Be Know about (September 2019)

We all know about the Whatsapp is introducing upcoming new features to the mobile app and has recently revealed a few more WhatsApp new update coming to the app.

Whatsapp has already introduced the frequently forwarded feature, which is Whatsapp’s attempt at curbing the number of rumors going around the popular social networking platform for the all-digital platform.

According to technology update day by day to improve the Privacy & Security The messenger also introduced the fingerprint sensor for accessing the Mobile app as a part of the increased security features.

And WhatsApp Mobile App is now back with some more features for the app. Let’s look at the five most exciting features that Whatsapp is planning to introduce:

Read Also What new products will be launched at the iPhone conference?

There are following Whatsapp new update features are:-

1.WhatsApp for iOS to support audio playback in notifications

This feature is specifically for iOS users. It will allow users to listen to an audio message right in the notification panel, and there will be no need to open the chat to listen to it. Also, the play receipt will not be sent right away, and only when the conversation is opened.

2.Boomerang videos

Whatsapp is introducing a boomerang video feature, which is quite similar to that of Instagram’s. The app will be available in the Video Type panel along with the convert to GIF option. As per reports, Whatsapp has been working on this feature for the past few weeks to make it free of any bugs.

3.Dark Mode

We have been waiting for the Dark Mode of Whatsapp for a long time now, and it will be here soon. The dark mode will protect our eyes from the harsh light emerging from our smartphones. Given the huge amount of time we spend on Whatsapp, the dark mode will prove to be of a lot of help.

4.Multi-platform support for WhatsApp

Whatsapp is planning to introduce the Whatsapp chatting platform on multiple platforms at the same time. Once Whatsapp rolls out this feature, we will be able to use a single Whatsapp account on several platforms simultaneously. Also, we won’t be signed out of the previous device that we were using Whatsapp on.

5.WhatsApp calls using Google Assistant

Whatsapp is planning to work on a feature that will enable users to make Whatsapp calls with the help of Google assistant. Both video and audio calls can be made with the help of Google assistant. You will need to update the Whatsapp and Google assistant through the Play Store. Once it is updated, all you got to do is launch Google Assistant and say,  “Hey Google, WhatsApp video <contact name>.”



What new products will be launched at the iPhone conference?

new "10.2 iPad iPad"

2019 Apple’s press conference preview: What new

products will be launched at the iPhone conference?


This year (2019), Apple’s press conference will start at 1 am on September 11th, Taiwan time. The highlight of this presentation is, of course, the annual iPhone release, but in addition to the iPhone 11 (tentatively), there is also the opportunity to launch Apple Watch. And even the rumored “anti-lost device.” Still thinking about whether you want to stay up late to watch the press conference this year, you can refer to this prediction to see if there is a product you are viewing!

Here are some new products that may be introduced at this year’s Apple presentation.

iPhone 11: three new models, three lenses, new colors

Although the name has not yet been determined, it is rumored that this year’s three new machines will be called: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max; among them, iPhone 11 is the successor model of iPhone XR, the most affordable version, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max is the successor to this year’s iPhone XS and XS Max.

iPhone 11: iPhone XR successor

Behind the iPhone 11, there will be a rectangular bump with two lenses, the primary lens, and the zoom lens. Also, new colors such as green and purple will be introduced.


Also, the iPhone 11 as Apple’s entry-level machine will also be equipped with an LCD screen instead of OLED, to reduce costs, the screen size is 6.1″.

iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro: The flagship of the three lens

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are the most discussed “three-lens” designs. In addition to the primary lens and zoom lens, the “Super Wide-Angle” will be equipped to accommodate more images. The size of the lens is 12 million pixels, and it is also rumored that Apple will enhance the night shot function.

The body size is 5.8′′ and 6.5′′, the screen size of these three new machines is the same as the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, no change.

In addition to the changes in the primary lens, it is rumored that other hardware specifications have not changed much, and there are no more “killer” new usage scenarios.


Battery capacity, more waterproof performance, etc., are also rumored to appear in this new iPhone, the A13 processor is naturally a must-change.

From the iOS 13 steps, Apple may also cancel the 3D Touch on the 2019 iPhone, because many operations can be replaced by “long press.”


In addition, there are rumors that Apple will finally abandon the original 5W charger (white tofu), and switch to USB-C to Lightning transmission line + 18W fast charge charger; this change is not surprising, after all, now Mac full range Both have adopted the USB-C interface, but the iPhone is still only USB-A is not reasonable, and the charging power of 5W is quite outdated.

New Apple Watch: May have titanium, ceramic version

Apple’s wearable device Apple Watch is also coming to the launch of the update, so this year’s presentation is likely to launch Apple Watch Series 5; although there is not much news about Apple Watch Series 5, from the source code, found titanium Paired picture of metal and ceramic versions.

Apple has introduced the Apple Watch with a ceramic case in the past, but titanium is the first time it has appeared.

10.2  iPad

new "10.2 iPad iPad"

In addition to the recently launched iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, Apple will also launch the new “10.2 iPad” at this press conference, which will support Apple Pencil and continue to use Touch ID instead of Face like iPad Pro. ID.

New Apple TV?

In the iOS 13 source code, I found the number of the suspected new Apple TV, which hints that Apple has plans to launch the original Apple TV set-top box recently; rumors will be equipped with the A12 processor, but there is no more news about this product.

Apple “anti-lost label.”

Apple "anti-lost label"

Another interesting rumor is that Apple is planning to launch an “anti-lost device” (anti-lost tag) that attaches products to everyday items and tracks the location through the iPhone’s “find” app. Currently, in the iOS 13 source code, the user interface of the suspected anti-lost device has been discovered, so this rumor is still somewhat credible.

BrainGate Neural Interface System Allows People with Paralysis to Control Robotic Arms

Also, it is rumored that Apple’s anti-lost device will use “ultra-wideband positioning technology,” the positioning error can be accurate to 10 cm.

Apple will broadcast live

This year, Apple will also broadcast 2019 new product announcements online. This site will also be transmitted simultaneously and invited to instant Chinese interpretation. At one is on September 11 (Taiwan time), everyone is welcome to discuss and watch the live broadcast online!

The five best tools to find keywords

Best free keyword research tool for youtube, amazon, blogger and wordpress 2019

The five best tools to find keywords

Why is it essential to find keywords? Visibility on the net is the crucial element when you want to start or develop your business. Indeed, you can have the best products in the world, the most successful marketing, have an excellent image, but if no one reads your articles, you will have trouble taking off.

And to find out what people who might be interested in your products, training or advice like, you should automatically find the right keywords. Indeed, knowing their expectations, it will be easier to provide them with the answers they expect and thus to build a relationship of trust and icing on the cake to create a community.

What are the excellent tools to find useful keywords? How to do a proper search for keywords? What to do once one finds his expressions words and that one wishes to use them? I answer these questions and guide you here.

What is a keyword generator?

To help you in this sometimes delicate task of finding themes to position your articles, there are tools called keyword generators. They will help you discover key phrases that fit your niche. This will then allow you to write your items that will be targeted on desired topics.

You will thus make known to you as soon as possible, and be able to live off your activity. I speak knowingly because I have personally experienced it.

For a long time, I did not know how to act and how to organize myself to make my website visible. I was then able to make the right choices at a particular time, and it is this experience that I wish to convey to you now.

I want to accompany you in this quest for visibility, and therefore in this development of your SEO. Because contrary to what one can think, with useful tools, keywords, one can develop much faster and more efficiently. And your online presence will change everything …

Why is it essential to work on your keywords?

When we start on the internet, we often have only one word to mouth: Seo SEO. And if you think so too, know that you are right because it is the key to online business!

However, before talking about Google’s position, there is one aspect that should not be overlooked. This is the analysis of keywords and the lexical field around a theme.

Unless you are in a niche where you are alone, you have to compete. On the internet no matters what you type on search engines, there are always several millions of results. The first ones are not still related to the typed query. This means that you will have to “fight” to be seen.

That’s when keywords come in.

For a very long time, I wrote about themes that appealed to me, or else about what went through my head without doing research upstream. I could even write two, three, or four times on the same subject. Yes if you read between the lines, you understand that it is a grave mistake!

At that time, my internet traffic was not increasing or at least not the way I wanted it. I gave myself a bad dog to write articles, but I could not exceed 2500 to 3000 visitors per day, which is already honorable in itself.

By cons when I was told about the tools, you will discover below. I was able to target the topics of my articles better, find the right keywords, and interest more readers.

Since then I have multiplied by 12 the number of visitors in 24 months, and having a pace of publication much less than in the past!

The three ways to find keywords!

There are three solutions to use and especially find keywords Google is what I noticed through my experience because I write articles for over 12 years!

1 / Use your instinct to find a keyword

You know the field in which you practice, you know the problems of your customers, and you knows what your prospects are looking for. It is therefore reasonable that you rely on your instinct to determine your editorial line. You have to know how to trust yourself and write the article you like about the subject that you think is important.

You have the expertise that others do not have, and it is only natural to want to transmit it. The Google keyword does not reflect 100% of the problem. Do not think that you must be stuck on finding these expressions.

2 / Google keywords and competition

Your instinct and keyword generators are not the only options for finding an interesting topic to deal with. You can also takes a tour of the game to see what are the most read articles, the most-watched videos, the latest trends. Be careful, never copy what your competitors do, you can get inspired by their ideas, but you MUST have YOUR philosophy.

Do not leave your niche and do not claim to be an expert in a field just because your competitor has just published an article about it. The goal is always to remain ethical if we want to succeed sustainably.

3 / Use a keyword generator

To facilitate your search, I strongly advise you to use a specialized platform to find quality keywords. You have several tools that are available to you. I explain in this article the importance of google keywords and how to use them well.

This is an investment, although they all have free versions necessarily limit the data they can send you. There is no points in not using them thoroughly. Even when we do not have significant incomes, prices are still affordable!

I present to you for this the five most effective solutions when launching a search of keywords in the next part.

Finding keywords is the basis of an online business

Basing myself on software tips to find relevant keywords, carefully preparing each article or videos not based on what I think is a good topic, but what the INTERNET is looking for has made all the difference.

When one is an entrepreneur, one sometimes has the head on the handlebars to have some form of objectivity, or to know the real problems of the prospects.

We have a philosophy, and we want to talk only about it. Naturally, if no one can find you on Google, you are wasting your time.

The search keywords do not tell us how to write, but the topics that are most sought after. And then it’s up to you to adapt your ideas and your way of writing to stick to the subject.

Moreover, this article that you are currently reading is no exception to the rule! It comes from my philosophy, but it is structured according to keywords that have made you at this moment in consultation!

The goal is both to give the best advice possible but also to have real visibility on the net to benefit the most significant number.

And to find the best keywords in SEO, I suggest several tools.

What is the best keyword generator?

In my eyes, the best keyword generator is Yoda Insight.


If you want me to make your confidant, it is undoubtedly the tool that I use most often. With one click, you can easily understand which keywords are the most interesting and which ones should not be used in the article to create another one.

It is French software, and therefore, it is specifically aimed at the Indian-speaking market because it is the one that holds the most extensive database on keywords. There are over 100,000,000 search phrases!

A free version is available, but not all features are accessible. Otherwise, you can subscribe for 39 € per month. And as much as you say that if you start your business, it may well be your best investment.

For example, a freelancer will take you a few hundred euros to perform this work which consists of discovering new keywords. As for a web agency, finding keywords is charged up to several thousand euros. Also, it will be less well done if you do it yourself. Who better than you know your industry?

So you can save money while having quality work because it is not very complicated to use. Create a free account here and start your keyword search now!


The other four tools to use for your keyword search!

There are also free tools for keyword research. I have decided to mention the other four platforms that can help you find inspiration.

1 / Google keyword planner to find keywords for his site easily

This is the first software or keyword research tool that comes to mind.

When we talk about search engine, for entrepreneurs of the web, we talk about Google. It is, therefore, logical to use the tool of the latter to know which are the subjects on which you must put energy.

You’ll have access to all the related searches to expand your article and bring the best content to your readers.

2 / Keyword Tool to find keyword ideas

The long train is an essential element in SEO and visibility. Indeed, there is often less competition because they are small keywords. You will have more chance to appear quickly in the top 5 googles.

This tool, therefore, makes it easy to obtain keywords sought at this level. Also, you can position yourself on sales platforms such as Amazon or the Apple Store with these suggestions.

3 / SpyFu to find the keywords of a site!

Those who did English as a first language noticed the “SPY.” Indeed this platform is slightly different from the others in the sense that it scans the google keywords of the competitors.

In this way, you do not rely on what you need to write but instead on what your competitors have already written. A more straightforward way to compete directly.

4 / UberSuggest: the best free keyword generator!

Let’s go back to the perfect keyword planning tools where you will not spy on the competition but rather determine your editorial line.

With Ubersuggest, you can ideally find relevant keywords. But the advantage of this tool is that you can benefit from suggestions for Youtube and Google Images. Do not neglect these much more used platforms than you think to refer to critical phrases!

What to do after a keyword search!

It is at this stage that the party begins!

Finding keyword ideas is a great thing and will take up a lot of your time. But then you have to write or create content differently.

In addition to using this software, I started to write more articles, more extended, to make more worked videos.

You have a choice to make, and for me it is essential.

You can delegate writing to low-cost agencies in Tunisia or Madagascar and have tons of articles each week for affordable prices. Or, you can spend hours and hours writing and transmitting your philosophy.

Yes, it’s not a rewarding job. You’re not going to take the pleasure of spending hours on your computer typing your article. But the results will be present. That’s what matters?

And above all, you will transmit a real added value to your readers, which will facilitate the relationship of trust.

Of course, it is possible to save a little time, and I will explain how in a future article on the Dragon software. But I can guarantee you that the writing is time-consuming, especially when it is necessary to be careful to respect the choice of the keywords!

The goal now is to have a consistent editorial line that meets the demands of the web. Of course, you can write an article that has not been inspired by any of these keyword research tools, but I urge you to rely on them.

It is not me who says it but the traffic of my site!

BrainGate Neural Interface System Allows People with Paralysis to Control Robotic Arms

A 58-year-old woman, paralyzed by a stroke for almost 15 years, uses her thoughts to control a robotic arm, grasp a bottle of coffee, serve herself a drink, and return the bottle to the table.

BrainGate Neural Interface System

Advances in brain-computer interfaces, restorative neurotechnology, and assistive robot technology have led to a new study that reports while using the BrainGate neural interface system, two people with tetraplegia were able to reach for and grasp objects in three-dimensional space using robotic arms that they controlled directly with brain activity.

A 58-year-old woman, paralyzed by a stroke for almost 15 years, uses her thoughts to control a robotic arm, grasp a bottle of coffee, serve herself a drink, and return the bottle to the table.
A 58-year-old woman, paralyzed by a stroke for almost 15 years, uses her thoughts to control a robotic arm, grasp a bottle of coffee, serve herself a drink, and return the bottle to the table.

Providence, Rhode Island (Brown University) —

On April 12, 2011, nearly 15 years after she became paralyzed and unable to speak, a woman controlled a robotic arm by thinking about moving her arm and hand to lift a bottle of coffee to her mouth and take a drink. That achievement is one of the advances in brain-computer interfaces, restorative neurotechnology, and assistive robot technology described in the May 17 edition of the journal Nature by the BrainGate2 collaboration of researchers at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Brown University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).


A 58-year-old woman (“S3”) and a 66-year-old man (“T2”) participated in the study. They had each been paralyzed by a brainstem stroke years earlier which left them with no functional control of their limbs. In the research, the participants used neural activity to directly control two different robotic arms, one developed by the DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics and the other by DEKA Research and Development Corp., to perform reaching and grasping tasks across a broad three-dimensional space. The BrainGate2 pilot clinical trial employs the investigational BrainGate system initially developed at Brown University, in which a baby aspirin-sized device with a grid of 96 tiny electrodes is implanted in the motor cortex — a part of the brain that is involved in voluntary movement. The electrodes are close enough to individual neurons to record the neural activity associated with the intended movement. An external computer translates the pattern of impulses across a population of neurons into commands to operate assistive devices, such as the DLR and DEKA robot arms used in the study now reported in Nature.

BrainGate participants have previously demonstrated neurally based two-dimensional point-and-click control of a cursor on a computer screen and rudimentary control of simple robotic devices.

The study represents the first demonstration and the first peer-reviewed report of people with tetraplegia using brain signals to control a robotic arm in three-dimensional space to complete a task usually performed by their arm. Specifically, S3 and T2 controlled the arms to reach for and grasp foam targets that were placed in front of them using flexible supports. In addition, S3 used the DLR robot to pick up a bottle of coffee, bring it to her mouth, issue a command to tip it, drink through a straw, and return the bottle to the table. Her BrainGate-enabled, robotic-arm control during the drinking task required a combination of two-dimensional movements across a tabletop plus a “grasp” command to either grasp and lift or tilt the robotic hand.

“Our goal in this research is to develop technology that will restore independence and mobility for people with paralysis or limb loss,” said lead author Dr. Leigh Hochberg, neuro engineers and critical care neurologist who holds appointments at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Brown University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard. He is the sponsor-investigator for the BrainGate2 pilot clinical trial. “We have much more work to do, but the encouraging progress of this research is demonstrated not only in the reach-and-grasp data but even more so in S3’s smile when she served herself coffee of her own volition for the first time in almost 15 years.”


Over the last two years, VA has been conducting an optimization study of the DEKA prosthetic arm at several sites, with the cooperation of veterans and active duty service members who have lost an arm. Feedback from the study is helping DEKA engineers to refine the artificial arm’s design and function. “Brain-computer interfaces, such as BrainGate, have the potential to provide an unprecedented level of functional control over prosthetic arms of the future,” said Joel Kupersmith, M.D., VA chief research and development officer. “This innovation is an example of federal collaboration at its finest.”

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Story Landis, director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, which funded the work in part, noted: “This technology was made possible by decades of investment and research into how the brain controls movement. It’s been thrilling to see the technology evolve from studies of basic neurophysiology and move into clinical trials, where it is showing significant promise for people with brain injuries and disorders.”

In addition to Hochberg, Donoghue, and van der Smagt, other authors on the paper are Daniel Bacher, Beata Jarosiewicz, Nicolas Masse, John Simeral, Joern Vogel, Sami Haddadin, Jie Liu, and Sydney Cash.