5 Tips To Choose The Right Computer Repair Service

Choose The Right Computer Repair Service


Check Out The Reviews

While looking for a Computer repair services service provider, make sure you read reviews on them online. You can check out Yelp, BBB or Google, for instance. Checking out reviews will give a great idea about different providers.

Alternatively, you can ask family, co-workers, friends or other pros about the Computer repair services they used in the past. As a matter of fact, word-of-mouth is still one of the most reliable methods of looking for trusted professionals in any field.

On-Site Support

Typically, the technician may also come to your place to diagnose the problem with your computer. This can save you a lot of hassle as you won’t have to take your computer to the computer shop. However, keep in mind that the technician may charge a bit extra for the additional service. But this can be a good option if you have a very busy schedule.

Service Cost

It’s better that you compare different shops and get quotes as you create a short list of candidates. Make sure you stay away from shops that ask for upfront or that charge by the hour.

Today, most computer repair shops charge based on the type of problem you have with your machine. And these rates are fixed.


It’s good if you look for a repair service that won’t charge you anything if your problem is not solved. In other words, if they can’t fix your computer, you won’t have to pay a dime. Usually, honest technicians are straightforward and won’t charge you if your computer needs to be replaced, for instance. Don’t forget to ask for any warranty on the labor and parts.


This is the most important point. You don’t want to hire any computer repair technician. You only want to hire one that has a lot of experience under their belt. An inexperienced technician may end up damaging your computer further, which is something you don’t want to experience.

Therefore, it’s worth the time to find out if the repair service is licensed and experienced. You want to work with a qualified pro.

Long story short, if your computer is out of order, we suggest that you look for a trustworthy repair technician to get your machine fixed. It’s not a good idea to open the case yourself in an attempt to diagnose the problem yourself if you are a novice. Hiring a pro is a safer choice.


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Niche research for Amazon affiliate website-The Amazonian way

Niche research for Amazon affiliate website-The Amazonian way

Niche research for Amazon affiliate website

The best way to generate niche ideas is to use amazon.com. There are a plethora of products that sell very well on amazon and you will be able to generate any number of niche ideas by looking at the products that are selling well on their amazon affiliate website 

You would want to search for ‘amazon best sellers’ on Google … …

You can see there are several tabs here. Amazon organizes their best sellers lists in several ways. Let’s stick with the first tab – ‘best sellers’ for now.

On the left, you see a list of departments. These are very broad categories, and by clicking on any of these, you can dig down deeper into the category.

Let’s dig into the ‘appliances’ category.

The very first product we see is a refrigerator water filter. It’s selling for about $20 and has more than 500 customer reviews, and has a rating of more than 4 stars.

When you choose to promote a product, you always want to look at these three things at the very least – how many reviews it has, the star rating and the price.

You want a product to have at least 50 reviews and a 4 star rating – and you want the price to be at least $50.

If the product does not have at least 50 reviews, it might mean it’s still new or it might also mean people are not buying it for whatever reason.

If the product does not have at least a 4 star rating, it might mean people are not happy with it – and unhappy buyers return products – which means you could lose commissions if you promote them.

And if the product is not selling for at least $50, your commissions will not be very significant. There are exceptions to this, though. If you have a $20 product that has hundreds of positive reviews, you might want to promote it.

That said, we are doing this right now to generate niche ideas – and we do not have to be overly concerned with particular products. ‘Water filters’ or ‘refrigerator water filters’ can be potential niches which you might want to investigate further.

Going back to the list, you can see there are a plethora of ideas you can generate.  Take a look at this one for instance – a beverage center. You could build a niche site around beverage centers.

Take a look at the sub categories listed on the left. As we saw earlier, clicking on any of these will take you deeper into the sub category. Each of these can be a potential niche for your site. Let’s click on ‘wall ovens’ and see what we get …

If you were to choose ‘wall ovens’ as your niche, here’s all of the products you can promote. There are 100s of products listed in each category, and you will have plenty of products to choose from to promote on your site.

You would want to spend some time looking at the best sellers list on amazon. Just looking at all these products that are selling very well for a while can help you come up with great niche ideas.

Amazon affiliate Website Product Seasonality and Trends

Amazon affiliate Website Product Seasonality and Trends

This is possibly the single biggest mistake beginners make while selecting a niche. The do not check how the demand for Amazon affiliate Website products in the niche varies over a year. You do not want to spend 3 or 4 months working on a site that generates revenues only for 2 months in a year. That can be very demoralizing. You want to create niche sites that generate revenues all year round

Demand for Amazon affiliate Website certain goods and services vary over a year according to the season. For instance, if you are selling snow shovels you know for certain that the demand is going to peak in winter and fall to near zero over the summer months.

Likewise, swimwear and bathing suits sell very well in the summer months and the demand falls steeply come winter. And Halloween outfits sell extremely well in September and will most likely have near 0 demand in, say February.

It’s the same with several other niches as well. Demand peaks only during certain months of the year and drops to near 0 during the other months.

If you do not take the time to analyze if such demand patterns exist in your niche, then you may be in for an unpleasant surprise if after building out your site you discover you missed the peak buying season by a month – and will have to wait for 9 to 10 months before demand picks up again.

Now, not every niche is seasonal, but some are.

Designer clothing, computer accessories, DVDs, high end cosmetics and electronics sell all year round. If you build sites in these niches, you can expect a steady stream of sales every month, all year round.

On the other hand, prom dresses, swimwear,  Halloween costumes, scarfs, heavy coats, sweaters and the like are seasonal. The demand peaks for maybe one or two months and afterward  the demand is flat.

Some folks – completely unaware of the seasonal nature of a niche they picked, do the keyword research during the peak buying season for the niche , build out their sites, build a lot of links and even rank for the phrases they wanted to rank for when they initially started out. And then they discover their site is getting next to no traffic. That certainly is not a pleasant situation to be in.

How to select a niche for amazon affiliate website ?

How to select a niche for amazon affiliate website ?

While selecting a amazon affiliate website niche is important, you should not spend too much time on this. Many people over-analyze and get stuck here.Don’t let ‘analysis – paralysis’ keep you from getting this step completed quickly. You can make a steady income in just about any niche you choose – as long as it satisfies a few key rules of thumb …

Following Rules are selection of a niche for amazon affiliate website :-

Rule #1:

The niche should have scores upon scores of products being sold on amazon.com. Most of these products should be selling for at least $50 , and at least a handful of these should have more than fifty 4 and 5 star reviews.

You do not want to select a niche that has no products being sold on amazon.com. But these days, just about any niche you can think of has products being sold on amazon.com – so this is rarely something to worry about.

It is also essential that the niche have at least a few products that are being sold for more than $50 on amazon.com.   If not, you might have a hard time making more than $500 or a $1000 a month in revenues from the site.

Amazon pays a commission of around 6% to 8% – or slightly more – for each product that you sell. Selling a $50 product will yield you between $3 to $4.

It would be near impossible to build a site that can make more than $1000 in commissions every month if all of the products you are promoting on the site cost $5 or less. So you want most of the products in the niche to be at least $50 or more. $100 would be even better.

But you do not want to take this too far and try to build a site solely around $1000+ products – like a site promoting super high end jewelry. Those products do not sell in large numbers – like $50 and $100 products do. And you will again have a hard time building a profitable affiliate site

You would also want to consider how many reviews the best sellers in the niche have. You want to see at least 50 to a 100 reviews, more the merrier.

Why is this important?

Because you want to get a rough estimate of what the demand for these products are and how many units might be selling in any given time period.

Not everyone who buys a product leaves a review. Only a tiny fraction of buyers actually take the time to write a review. And people who have had a bad buying experience are far more likely to leave a negative review, while most people who like the product never write a review. So if a product has 50 or 100 or more very positive reviews, it would mean people are buying it.

And if a product has at least 100 reviews and most of them are 4 stars or 5 stars, it certainly means it is selling well and people are very happy with it.

Rule #2:

You should be comfortable with working in the niche for at least 3 to 4 months

You do not have to be an expert in the niche or be very passionate about it. While expertise and passion would definitely help, they are not necessary. It is alright if you are comfortable working in niche for at least 3 to 4 months – which is how long it would take you to build a 50 to 100+ page website and start generating a steady income from it.  Assuming you will be writing all of the content.

Do not worry if you do not know much about the niche at this stage – you can always research and learn all that you need to, to create a website in any niche.

Rule #3:

The niche should be big enough to support a site that’s at least 50 to 100 pages in size

These days, bigger, authority sites do a lot better in Google. Your site should be at least 50 or  100 or more pages in size when you are done with it.

One common mistake many do is selecting a niche that’s just too small. You would be hard pressed to build a 100+ page site about ‘golf balls under $10’. On the other hand, ‘golf balls’ would be great as a niche. You will be able to find lots of products to sell, and can easily build a 100+ page site.

These are the only 3 rules that you need to select a niche. Many people over complicate this simple process and take days or even weeks to select a niche. That kind of effort is not necessary. As an amazon affiliate, you will be building several websites in various niches. So it’s not like there are only a few good niches out there and you have to find the best of them. In truth, there are literally millions of niches you can build profitable sites in.

All you need to do is choose one and get going.

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7 Steps of Google Search Engine optimization

Steps of Google Search Engine optimization :


Unique Content :

1. Place as much as possible unique content, which includes long low competitive keywords. Such keywords attract not so much traffic to the sites, but they provide an excellent opportunity to quickly get a high ranking in the search results among similar sites. 

Social Bookmarking :

2. Social bookmarking is a good way to inform the online world about where your site is located. Also with the help of social bookmarks you can build a whole network of links to your project. 

Use the RSS system :

3. Quite a few users use the RSS system not effectively. With its proper application, you can solve two problems: search robots will perceive the broadcast as a link to the site and at the same time attract traffic.

Something Update :

4. Do not allow your project to remain static for a long time. As often as possible add interesting and unique content.

Network Link:

5. Creating a network of links should be in second place in turn immediately after the placement of unique content on the site. Try to make a link exchange or get the opportunity to place links to your resource on the pages of reputable sites that are thematically similar to your project. 

HTML Tags :

6. Proper use of informative tags and pure HTML will greatly simplify the search for your site, and this, in turn, will lead to a higher index of resource ranking in search engines. 

Seo-promotion methods :

7. Refuse black seo-promotion methods. Many webmasters spend a lot of time in order to deceive the search engines. But all efforts will be in vain when you are caught in it. And this is sure to happen sometime. Therefore, it is necessary to direct your energy in the right direction: the implementation of those technologies that will subsequently bring a stable and long-lasting result.
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29 Smart ways of Get Backlinks for SEO 2019 (Link Building )

Best Techniques you should follow if you want to learn

how get SEO  Backlinks to your website

The first type helps to Get Backlinks for SEO advance on requests, the second helps it indirectly – it improves the site indexation, increases the authority of the page, increases Tits and PR.  Profile on the forums

Remember which forums you have already registered. Torrents.ru, forum of the city, forum of hamster lovers, professional forums. I am sure that there are quite a few of them. Look for forums with high particles and pr through search. 

In the vast majority of forum engines, you can put a URL in your profile, it will also be displayed in the general list of users. For a change, place a link not only to the main page, but also to important internal pages. 

For better indexing of your link, leave on the forum 3-5 meaningful comments in new topics. So search bots will quickly find your URL. If the topic is attached at the top or keeps itself at the top of the list for a long time, then this will also be a step towards faster indexing. 

Signature on the forums:

Already more difficult, than url in a profile. In many forums, the link in the signature is either prohibited altogether or closed in noindex. Look at someone’s signature first in the code page – if it is not closed from indexing. If not, create. This is where old accounts come in handy – a priori trust to them is higher than to users who have just registered and have a clear link in the signature. It’s used in professional forums that everybody has a link in the signature, and in urban, sports and other forums, your new account can be mistaken for spamming. 

The rest of the recommendations are the same – a few messages for better indexing. 

Link Exchange

The old-old way, but it still works. There were times when I used it as the main one. It is desirable not to change directly, but according to scheme A – B – C, where A and C are your sites. C – the main site that you are promoting, A – site auxiliary. The advantage is obvious: firstly, there is no interchange, and secondly, you do not put your white and fluffy C-site at risk by placing a catalog for exchange there. 
If all the exchange is direct, then carefully select the sites to which you refer. Do not put a link to candid g-sites, do not post more than 10 links on one page and add, if possible, subject links. Then the chance to get sanctions will be minimal.

Webmasters e-mail bases can be found on the Runet. But if you can not find, I can send you my own. True, it is outdated – I myself have not practiced the exchange for about two years. 


Link from Google 

Do you want a link from a site with 64000 particles? Easy. Go to Google Notebook http://www.google.com/notebook/, write text, put links, mark in the settings that the record is public. Next, refer to the resulting page or add to edduriku Yandex. And that’s all. Yandex has been successfully indexing such pages.

Interesting stuff

Write an interesting article. Not even related to the subject of your resource. Particularly attracted the attention of posts in the spirit of: 100 facts about cats, 201 ways of suicide, 20 sure ways to become a millionaire, etc. At the end of the article, provide a link to your website: either as a signature (Name, name.ru), or as a source of inspiration or one of the items in the “list of references”. Put an additional link in the middle of the article – it can be a word, a letter, a dot. Next, post an article in popular thematic communities.
If you like your article, it will be copied to blogs, forums and splogs. Part of the copy-paste will be along with your links.
For example, my post “300 films which are worth seeing” was widely sold out.

Bookmark Services

Add your site to bookmark services such as mister-wong.ru, bobrdobr.ru, etc. Most of them allow direct links. When adding, use both popular tags and unique ones.

Exchange of articles 

Almost everything is the same as when exchanging links, only you have to write texts of 2500-4000 characters. It is important that for the exchange you offer different articles, do at least rewrite. The best option is to have a thematic catalog, where you can take only useful thematic unique articles. Thus, you also get free content.

Blog Comments

The main rule – do not spam! Who has his own at least some popular blog agrees with me how terrible it is to delete tons of shit comments every day, approve normal manually, adjust filters, etc. Spammers forced many bloggers to close the commenter’s home page in noindex redirect
The blogger will not miss a link with a frankly spam anchor. Write a meaningful detailed commentary on the topic, specify the url, and in the “name” field write the name or nickname, not “the sale of apartments Moscow”. Then your comment will be approved without any problems.

Contextual links exchange

An effective way to get a quality link. The link is not set in the directory, as in the usual exchange of links, but in the text of an existing article. Such a link looks more natural and more favorably perceived by search engines. Again, cross exchange is possible.

Site Directories

Register in high-quality site directories and business directories, where you can specify the site URL. We are talking about high-quality directories with moderation, a mass run through directories (especially a young site) can even give a negative effect.
Don’t forget to apply at DMOZ.org. True, the application there may be considered a year in some sections. If you really want your site to go to the directory – become the editor of the section you need. Many of the lower level branches require editors. Also a lot of unoccupied regional branches. Having obtained the rights to edit the section, you can add your sites to it quickly. Surprisingly, this path often turns out to be much faster. Verified by personal experience.

Article directories 

Writing a bunch of unique articles for such directories is too irrational, but if there is one article, then rewrite it and add.

Bulletin boards 

As in the case of catalogs, choose quality boards. Make a normal description of the product or service you are offering.

Service of questions and answers

Use services like otvety.google.ru, etc. Find through the search a question related to the subject of your resource and in the answer give a meaningful link to your site. If there is no such question, create it yourself. And write the answer yourself with a link.

Product / service for recall 

With the site you are selling something or provide services? Agree with a popular blogger or theme portal about testing it. You are giving a product or service, and for this you get an objective opinion about it, naturally with a link to your site. You can even try to negotiate the link anchor. In addition to the seo effect, you get direct transitions, which in this case is even more important.
Please note that the product / service must be commensurate with the level of popularity of the tester. You should not offer to run the catalogs to the leading seo-bloggers, but you can already offer expensive software.

A gift for a link 

Arrange a promotion on the site: for those who put a link in their blog for a week, you receive a small gift from among the goods you are selling. Or, after purchasing a product, write a review about it, place it on your website and get a year of additional guarantee. Or: post a link to us and get a VIP account for a month for free.
There are many options, as long as the gifts are not too burdensome for you.

Articles on industry resources

Write an article on the subject of your resource. If the article is interesting, it will be happy to publish the industry portal. The link is guaranteed to you, and some of the articles even pay a fee.

Site contests 

Participate in site contests. The Olympic principle operates – the main thing is not victory, but participation. Do not win, so get a link from the page “participants.”

Viral link 

Any code that can be copied and pasted on a website, blog, forum, social network. To The code is assigned a link to your site. Viral content can be a picture, text, video, or a combination of them. Your task is for the user to copy the code and paste it to his site. Distribute through communities, clubs in social. networks, etc.
An example of such a link may happen test results. A year and a half ago, we did the test “Are you emo?”. The user answered 10 questions, the results were a joking answer and a code to insert into the blog. People love tests, many added results to themselves. The last line in the code was added “Test developed …” and the two links we need.

Informers and counters 

If it is possible, offer informers to site users. Exchange rates in the bank, the number of residents of your city, the environmental situation in the areas, traffic jams. Try to turn any unique and updated information that you have into an informer.
Another option is to offer counters to your visitors. Examples: I am registered on this forum for 3 months, I have been in seo for 5 years, 4 months before my wedding. Any figures related to the theme of your site.

Social news sites 

Services aggregators like news2.ru. Refer to your interesting articles – and get a link and transitions.


If you have RSS-feeds on your site, add them to the RSS-directories. A dozen daily links to internal pages will help in indexing and surging of TIC and PR.

Social services 

There are two options – a link in a profile (both URLs and an anchor) and a link from comments or post.
Get accounts on blog services and social services, chat on them, thus pumping your account. The more friends, comments, popular posts you have, the more links to your profile. Consequently, your page will get more PR and the link from it will be more authoritative.

To leave a link in the comments – it must be in the case. Otherwise, it will be deleted or zamnusyut you. Wait for the desired topic. Everything is simpler with the posts: you can put everything you want in your blog, the link will pass in the collective, if the material is interesting for users.
Thus, I repeatedly received a link, for example, from Habrahabr. The post went to the main page, many added it to the bookmarks. The main thing is that the link does not look alien in the post, it should be in the subject of the post. In addition to the seo effect, you will get good traffic, up to 4,000 transitions in 3-5 days.
Another trick in social services is to write a popular post without a link. When the majority of users read it and the post leaves popular, edit the text and insert a link with the desired anchor. 


Hold a competition. One of the conditions of participation is a link to your site.


Become a sponsor of the contest, offering as a win your goods and services. One of the conditions of participation is a link to your site.


All these ways helps in geting high quality backlinks

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How to create amazon EC2 window instances.

Launch a Windows Instance

You can launch a Windows instance using the AWS Management Console as described following. An instance is a virtual server in the AWS cloud. With the help of Amazon EC2, you can set up and configure the operating system and applications that run on your instance.

To launch an instance

    1. Sign in to the AWS Console and open the Amazon EC2 console.
    2. From the navigation bar, select the region for the instance. Here we are going to choose Singapore data region. Otherwise, this choice is important because some Amazon EC2 resources can be shared between regions, while others can’t be.


    1. On console dashboard, click Launch Instance.


    1. To Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) page displays a list of basic configurations called Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that serve as templates for your instance. Select the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. Notice that this configuration is marked as Free tier eligible.


    1. To Choose an Instance Type page, you can select the hardware configuration for your instance. The t1.micro instance will be selected by default. Click Review and Launch to let the wizard complete or not with other configuration settings for you, so you can get started quickly.

Cloud How to create 4

    1. To Review Instance Launch page, you need to go to the settings for your instance.

Under Security Groups, you will see that the wizard will be created and selected a security group for you. The security group includes basic firewall rules that will enable you to connect to your instance. For a Windows instance, you connect through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on port 3389.

If you have an existing security group then you need to use by clicking Edit security groups, and select your group on the Configure Security Group page. When done, click Review and Launch to return to the Review Instance Launch page.

Cloud How to create 5

    1. Click on Launch.

Cloud How to create 6

    1. In the Select an existing key pair or create a new key pair dialog box, you can select Choose an existing key pair, to select a key pair you already created.

Alternatively, you can create a new key pair. Select Create a new key pair, enter a name for the key pair, and then click Download Key Pair.

This is the only chance for you to save the private key file, so be sure to download it. Save the private key file in a safe place. You’ll need to provide the name of your key pair when you launch an instance and the corresponding private key each time you connect to the instance.

Cloud How to create 7

It will be downloaded in the form of .pem file and save it for future purpose.


Don’t select the Proceed without a key pair option. If you launch your instance without a key pair, then you can’t connect to it.

When you are ready, select the acknowledgement check box, and then click Launch Instances.

    1. A confirmation page will open to know that your instance is launching. Click View Instances to close the confirmation page and return to the console.

Cloud How to create 8

Cloud How to create 9

    1. On the Instances page, you can view the status of the launch. It takes a short time for an instance to launch. When you launch an instance, its initial state is pending. After the instance starts, its state changes to running and it receives a public DNS name.

Cloud How to create 10

    1. Record the public DNS name for your instance because you’ll need it for the next step.
    2. (Optional) After your instance is launched, you can view its security group rules. From the Instances page, select the instance. In the Description tab, find Security groups and click view rules.

Cloud How to create 11

As you can see, if you used the security group the wizard created for you, it contains one rule that allows RDP traffic from any IP source to port 3389. If you launch a Windows instance running IIS and SQL, the wizard creates a security group that contains additional rules to allow traffic to port 80 for HTTP (for IIS) and port 1433 for MS SQL

Connect to Your Windows Instance

To connect to a Windows instance, you must retrieve the initial administrator password and then specify this password when you connect to your instance using Remote Desktop.

Note:- Windows instances are limited to two simultaneous remote connections at one time. If you attempt a third connection, an error will occur. For more information, see Configure the Number of Simultaneous Remote Connections Allowed for a Connection.

To connect to your Windows instance

    1. In the Amazon EC2 console, select the instance, and then click Connect.

Cloud How to create 12

    1. In the Connect To Your Instance dialog box, click Get Password (it will take a few minutes after the instance is launched before the password is available).

Cloud How to create 13

    1. Click Browse and navigate to the private key file you created when you launched the instance. Select the file and click Opento copy the entire contents of the file into contents box.

Cloud How to create 14

    1. Click Decrypt Password. The console displays the default administrator password for the instance in the Connect To Your Instance dialog box, replacing the link to Get Password shown previously with the actual password.

Cloud How to create 15

    1. Click Download Remote Desktop File. Your browser prompts you to either open or save the .rdp file. Either option is fine. When you have finished, you can click Close to dismiss the Connect To Your Instance dialog box.

Cloud How to create 16

    1. If you opened the .rdp file, you will see the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box. If you saved the .rdp file then navigate to your downloads directory, and double-click the .rdp file to display the dialog box. You will get a warning that the publisher of the remote connection is unknown. Click Connect to connect to your instance. You may get a warning that the security certificate could not be authenticated. Click Yes to continue.

Cloud How to create 17

    1. Log in to the instance as prompted, using the default Administrator account and the default administrator password that you recorded or copied previously.

Cloud How to create 18

After you connect, we recommend that you do the following:

    • Change the Administrator password from the default value. You change the password while logged on to the instance itself, just as you would on any other Windows Server.
    • Create another user account with administrator privileges on the instance. Another account with administrator privileges is a safeguard if you forget the Administrator password or have a problem with the Administrator account.

Cloud How to create 19

Cloud How to create 20

Cloud How to create 21

Cloud How to create 22

Now how can you share your local drives with the Singapore or others data center?

Now start the RDP (Remote Desktop Service) from the Windows machine as shown below. Run themstsc command from the Run menu.

Cloud How to create 23

The Remote Desktop Connection window is displayed.

Cloud How to create 24

Click the Options button and then select the Local Resources tab.

Cloud How to create 25 Cloud How to create 26

In the Remote audio area, select Settings to configure the audio settings of your instance.

Cloud How to create 27

In the Local Resource tab, in the Local devices and resources area, click More. All the plug and play devices that can be available through network in the AWS EC2 server instance are listed, as well as the disk drives.

Cloud How to create 28 Cloud How to create 29

Click Connect.

Cloud How to create 30 Cloud How to create 31 Cloud How to create 32

Now we can install anything in the Singapore datacenter from our local drives.