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There are two menisci. They are located in between the thigh bone (femur) and the shin bone (tibia). Meniscus tears are very common among tennis players. They are often the result of a twisting injury. When a patient has a torn meniscus, he or she usually complains about sharp pain in the knee. A torn meniscus is similar to a hangnail.

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Knee injuries are relatively common in tennis, comprising about one fifth of all tennis injuries. The most common injuries are meniscus injuries and degenerative cartilage problems in middle aged and elderly recreational players. In younger individuals, patellofemoral pain syndromes are the most frequent and intriguing problems. Knee overuse syndromes occur more commonly on surfaces such as all weather concrete because they are more fatiguing and have higher friction than clay surfaces do.

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Racquet sports involve sharp, side-to-side movements and impose significant valgus and rotatory stresses on the knee. Most knee injuries are indirect as a result of these acute stresses and overuse. Some of the more common racquet sport injuries include tennis leg, jumper's knee, patello-femoral pain, meniscal injuries, bursitis, and tendinitis.

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The images showed a small Baker’s cyst, a tear of the medial meniscus, high-grade chondromalacia, a focal chondral defect, and joint effusion. Needless to say, this report did not give him the confidence that a conservative treatment like Prolotherapy would work for such a laundry list of problems.

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47 year old competitive tennis player. Tore her meniscus on the court. Instead of the recommended scope surgery, she chose injection therapy using her own st...

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Oct 21, 2001. 10,357. 13,831. 1. Directly above the center of the Earth. Jul 22, 2021. #3. RochLion said: This past winter I played quite a bit of indoor tennis, both clay and hard court, and in the middle of the season I stretched for a ball and tweeked something in my knee.

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The meniscus is the shock-absorber cartilage in the knee. Frequently active people will have pain, catching and locking of the knee that limits their ability to exercise or play sports. Often they choose to undergo surgery to overcome those symptoms. In this video, I talk about the surgical options for meniscus tear.


Although a meniscus tear is a serious injury, some doctors advise athletes to “play through the pain” rather than undergo surgery. A sports medicine doctor with unique expertise in injuries of the knee, Dr. Millstein warns athletes against “playing through the pain” in the wake of a meniscus injury. Without surgery, meniscus tears often become larger. Further, fragments of the meniscus can injure the knee cartilage, a situation that results in pain and may raise your risk of ...