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Soccer Goalie Hand Injuries - Brandon P. Donnelly, MD

Injuries include bruises, fractures, dislocations, and breaks. For goalkeepers, here are a few risks I’ll focus on: Finger Injuries. Injuries to their fingers are one of the most common ways soccer goalies are hurt. The most frequent injury happens as a result of the ball hitting the fingers and forcing them to jam or bend incorrectly.

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When speaking of soccer goalies through, fractures are more commonly seen to the forearm, wrist and fingers. Fractures can occur from a fall onto the arm or hand or from catching the ball ...

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Hand and Finger Injuries. A common goalkeeper injury is a jammed finger or hand sprain, or fracture. These injuries can be the result of stopping the ball, collisions with other players or landing on outstretched hands, making a save. Goalkeeper Gloves - These soccer goalie gloves can reduce the risk of injury to your hands and protect your fingers. These soccer goalkeeper gloves also give you better grip and traction and can help you stop the ball.

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Ankle Sprains. According to the International Federation of Association Football, ankle sprains are the most common injury faced by soccer goalies. To prevent the opposing team from scoring, goalies must often jump in the air to block the ball -- and while landing, may twist an ankle on fellow teammates or opponents.

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Unfortunately, soccer players of all positions commonly suffer the perils of hip and groin pain. Soccer goalkeepers are not immune from this malady. However, mechanisms and types of injury do differ somewhat from field players. Side-diving can lead to abrasions (cuts) and bruises on the outside of the thigh region.

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This video tends to show the real danger of goalkeeper clashes with football players. Football isn't the most important thing, health is.https://www.skygoal....

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In the last years, shoulder injuries have represented an increasing health problem in soccer players. The goalkeepers are more exposed to shoulder disorders than other field players. Injury prevention exercises for upper limbs were cited in few studies involving throwing athletes, but we know that goalkeepers need a specific program.

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For goalies, it’s common for them to develop hip and groin -related injuries due to the mechanical and rotational movements required to play the position. Hip pain from a labral tear often presents sharp groin pain, which can be made worse when in a squatting or sitting position.