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the Blacksheep Project: Kuroko no Basuke: Manga vs Anime

Kuroko no Basuke: Manga vs Anime I think that it's very typical to compare when a popular manga gets an anime adaptation. The usual comparison goes about the manga getting 10 times better than its anime adaptation and manga fans go berserk over the first episode already.

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The way the manga ends is like Kuroko no Basket, the main tea has won the big tournament, and that’s it. By comparison the anime gives us a tiny peek at the future, and some of the girls shown in that peek looked like they could awesome rivals later down the road and I for one was excited when the anime should us something on the horizon.

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Kuroko’s Basketball Manga VS Anime: Kaijo High School vs Touou Academy 5 Punkte, die den Manga und Anime von Kuroko’s Basketball Speziell Machen My Hero Academia: Vergleich von Izuku and Katsuki’s Kampf Während des Battle Trial mit dem Manga

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Kuroko’s Basketball Manga VS Anime: Kaijo High School vs Touou Academy. Die neueste Film-Adaption von Kuroko’s Basketball (Kuroko no Basket) wurde in Japan im März 2017 veröffentlicht. Ebenfalls fand im Sommer eine Bühnenshow statt.

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Answer (1 of 17): My answer would be Haikyuu!!. As a person who disliked both basketball and volleyball before these animes were presented in front of me, I would like to say that this statement isn’t biased, sports-wise.

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The Manga is a badass sports Manga, and the anime is a how-to do sports adaption for kids. Highly highly highly recommend reading Eyeshield 21, but do not watch it. I know some people just can't get into reading the same way they can watching a show and I understand that, not a big deal, just makes me even more upset with the anime adaption itself.

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Anime: Slam Dunk, Kuroko no Basket, Kuroko no Basket 2nd Season, Kuroko no Basket 3rd Season: Manga: Slam Dunk, Kuroko no Basket: Characters: Hanamichi Sakuragi, Tetsuya Kuroko

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Kuroko no Basket will definitely be added on to my list of favourite manga!!! So awesome!!! But if you are one of those, watch the anime as well, the anime does justice to each chapter and combined with the soundtrack and art style, its an amazing adventure and I can’t wait for season 3 of the anime in december!

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This is a list of chapters of the manga Kuroko no Basuke, collected in the different volumes. Kuroko no Basuke EXTRA GAME Kuroko no Basuke -Replace- Kuroko no Basuke -Replace 2- The Miracle School Festival Kuroko no Basuke -Replace 3- A Summer of Miracles Kuroko no Basuke -Replace 4- 1/6 of Miracles Kuroko no Basuke -Replace 5- The Uneven Aces Kuroko no Basuke -Replace 6- The Expedition of ...