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Suspend & Restore Service | Billing & Payments | Cricket

If you lost your device or someone stole it, you can suspend your Cricket service. You can always upgrade to a new device on any active line of service. If you have an account with multiple lines and one of your phones is lost or stolen, you can temporarily suspend that line.

Anyone else have an LTE HD Voice Phone get line Suspended ...

As of January 19, 2021, Cricket is no longer activate devices that customers bring to Cricket if the device is not HD Voice-capable or an LTE-capable data-only device compatible with the Cricket network. Some devices may be able to get 4G LTE data, but not be compatible for HD Voice with our network.

Line suspended in error | Community - Cricket Wireless

Got home, went to set the phone up and it said it wasn't compatible with cricket, ok fine whatever, but when I put my sim card back in my original phone, it says my line is suspended. There are a total of 5 lines on my account and mine is the only one suspended.

One of my lines is suspended : CricketWireless

Yes, back in January cricket started blocking all activations of phones not on their device whitelist, suspending the lines if such activations are attempted until the SIM is placed in an approved device.

Suddenly suspended newly bought phone | Community

Suddenly suspended newly bought phone. Hi all! A few hours ago I purchased the Cricket Icon 2 to replace a device that was incompatible with Mobile Hotspot. It’s worked well and hotspot works, but 30 minutes ago I suddenly got a message saying “This device is not eligible for activation on the Cricket network.” and then the line became ...

Lost or Stolen Device | Protect My Phone | Cricket

You can suspend your Cricket service temporarily. If you find your phone, it's easy to restore service. If you cancel or suspend a line of service, you won't get a credit or refund for unused monthly service. We recommend getting a new phone so you can enjoy the Cricket service you've already purchased.

Can you port out of cricket if line is suspended ...

If it's "hotlined", then yes, if it's suspended, I believe not. But...Cricket runs on ATT, so why would you leave just to go to essentially the exact same service? That really doesn't make sense, and will cost you more in the long run.

My line was suspended, could it be due to swapping devices ...

My line was suspended, could it be due to swapping devices? I swapped the SIM card from one device to another and it resulted in me being unable to make calls or connect to the internet all day yesterday (no one else on my family plan was affected) I only just now looked in the cricket app and my line specifically is marked as suspended