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Power Layup Drill - Online Basketball Drills

Players learn to shoot a power layup, which can be used when there is going to be contact or when a player is moving fast and needs to gain control before shooting. Drill Setup. Players form two lines, one on each wing.

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How it Works. Place a cone on the right lane line, and have the players form a line, with the first two players holding a basketball. 1st player will sweep, take a hard dribble, come to a jump stop, and go up strong to finish the layup. He will then collect his rebound, and pass the ball to the next player in line without a ball.

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Learn Basketball Layups, Part 3: The Power Layup - stack

A good power layup drill is the Mikan drill, named after George Mikan, the first dominating big man in the NBA. This is a drill all players should do. This is a drill all players should do.

5 Layup Drills You Must Use Next Practice (Full Instructions)

1. Technique Layups How the Drill Works: Players practice performing a layup off 1 step, 2 steps, using one dribble, and then practice full-speed layups from the three-point line. Purpose: Developing great layup technique for all players. It’s important that players learn the basic technique before they use them in practice and games at game pace.

20 Basketball Layup / Finishing Drills for Coaches & Players

Here are a few good interleaving and random layup drills: Cone Grab Finishing Drill. 3 Cone - Groove Finishing Drill. The Arc Finishing Drill. Figure 8 Hook Shots. Wichita State Attack Series. Finishing Moves Off the Pass. Drop Step Dribble - Ballhandling & Finishing. Kyrie Irving Mikan Drill With 12 Variations. 11 Competitive Layup / Finishing Drills

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The Lay-Up: Power Lay-Ups, Reverse Lay-Ups and One-Step Lay ...

Group Exercise: Zig-Zag and 1-on-1 Group Drill: Escaping your Marker and 1 on 1 Group Drills: Shooting on the Spot Group Drill: Get Past your Opponent Group Drill: the Pick and Roll Group Drills: Attacking Without Dribbling Group Drills: The Rebound Group Drill: One-on-One Fast Breaks

X-Out Power Lay-Up Drill (Basketball) - YouTube

The X-Out Power Lay-Up Drill is a great individual drill for developing players footwork and dexterity on ma... Visit www.ozswoosh.com for more basketball tips.

10 Basketball Drills for Guards (Shooting, Dribbling, and Layups)

Drive towards the basket and finish with a floater. This involves pushing the basketball up in the air at a higher arc than usual from approximately 5 - 10 feet away from the hoop. Immediately rebound the basketball, retreat to anywhere outside the three-point line, and then attack and finish with a floater once again.