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Basketball Fundamentals - Basic Defensive Tips for Youth ...

With this defense, each player is assigned to guard a particular player. Each player must try hard to stop his opponent and "guard his yard", keeping him/her from dribble-penetrating. Although it sounds individual, man-to-man is really a team defense. Every one must do his/her part. If 1 or 2 players don't play good defense, the defense will fail.

4 Youth Basketball Drills That Teach the Fundamentals - stack

Set 1 – defending the pass, jump to the ball, and be in help or passing lane. Set 2 – defending the drive, help and recover to your man, stay low and sprint. Set 3 – defending the ball ...

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Defensive Fundamentals - Amherst Youth Basketball

Allow short rest and repeat as desired. Allow players to spread out in practice area, at least four to five feet apart. On command, players yell “DEFENSE” and freeze in the defensive stance. On command (either verbal or hand signals), players will slide left, right, up, and back.

The Best Defense For Youth Basketball

1. The perfect youth basketball defense should prepare players for the next level. 2. The perfect youth basketball defense should allow players to experience all components of defense. 3. The perfect youth basketball defense should be easy to learn.

Basketball Defensive Drills - My Youth Basketball Player

Start in one corner of the court. You will eventually cover the entire court in a figure 8 pattern. Back peddle down the sideline to half-court, slap the floor with both hands, and yell, "Defense!" Defensive slide across the half-court line to the opposite sideline, slap the floor, "Defense!"

Coaching Youth Basketball: Focusing on the Fundamentals

I have run the Warwick Youth Basketball program in Warwick, NY for 22 years now. We started out with youth grades 3-8 (34) teams for about 10 years. Then we started the FUNdamentals(12 teams) grade 1-2 with 8 foot portable baskets and Youth size balls. We added teen league (12) teams but it was only boys wanting to play ..

The 7 BEST Basketball Defense Drills - From Top Defensive Expert

Instructions: The offensive player (2) tries to beat the defender (X1) down the floor. The defensive player tries to stop the ball handler from advancing the ball. After the ball handler (2) makes it to the other end, they will hand off to 4, who will be facing the same defender X1, back up the court towards player 3.

5 Basketball Defense Drills to Lock Down Any Opponent

When pressuring the basketball, the defender should trace the basketball with one hand and keep the other hand low to poke away a dribble. This is meant to be a conditioning drill too. Players should be sprinting and back-pedalling hard on every closeout.