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Yeah the only reason why I didn't like these compared to the wider ball hoppers was because it was smaller opening to pull balls out of, so it wasn't as easy to just blindly reach back and pull out a bunch of balls before feeding. I also often scraped the side of my arm on the plastic. However, I also liked it because it sat a lot higher.

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Ball speed is obvious. You need to be able to adjust how fast the ball is moving. That is coupled with pitch to allow you to feed balls from low fast passing shots to lobs to practice overheads. And finally frequency. For ground strokes, somewhere between 2 and 3 seconds between balls is usually good.

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Problem is, the Hopper itself is weird and does all sorts of strange stuff. Doesn't record when it should, shows things recorded at the main DVR menu, then won't show them in the show listing, doesn't respond when we click on a channel without going to a different channel first.

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Tennis players of Reddit: What do you do with "dead" tennis balls? Hey all, Both of my parents are teachers so a few tiles a year I see a post from each of them requesting anyone who has tennis balls to send donate them to their school so that the teachers can slit a hole in them and attach them to the legs of each student's chair.

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Then he got it. Then he got the rest and it was amazing. 4. level 1. Whai_tho. · 3y. Back when I played tennis we had a PVC pipe with a bolt in it just smaller than the tennis ball diameter. You press down on one and it is wedged in the pipe. You repeat that and the tennis balls collect inside the pipe.

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r/tennis: Tennis News & Discussion. This subreddit discusses all levels of tennis, from tour professionals to recreational players.

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Something more advanced that will allow you to drills or add sidespin will set you back $400 - $500 USD. These will often also have a net/hopper that automatically refills the robot and allows you to keep it going for longer without running out of balls.

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Du kan godt finde talkummet frem, for videoen herover giver svedige håndflader. Her ses en teenagedreng hoppe fra tag til tag, mens en yngre dreng kigger på. Umiddelbart en uskyldig leg, hvis det da ikke lige var, fordi det hele foregår på 22. etage. Ifølge Daily Mail udspiller det sig i den kinesiske by Xianning, der ligger i provinsen Hubei.

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Top tennis ball machine for the money. Lobster Sports Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine. What you need to know: This easy-to-transport and easy-to-store tennis ball machine comes from a long-trusted ...