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                    Mar 29, 2021

                      Benefits Of free roulette Yawei CNC Tandem fun bet club

                      While using cnc tandem press brake,each press brake still has its own side frames that can interfere with bending wide parts, there are several advantages of using cnc tandem press brakes.

                    1. Installation. Not only cnc tandem brakes cheaper than one longer press brakes and have a smaller footprint than a single enormous press brake, they are also much easier to install. Most metal bending factories require significant alterations in order to transport in and even to operate a large tonnage cnc press brake. Some companies have opted to have a reinforced foundation poured in an open area to accommodate a large press brakes.

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                    2. Speed. A single large cnc press brake requires more time to perform a bending  than cnc tandem press brakes.  

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                        Flexibility. Most CNC tandem press brake configurations are set up with multiple controls so that they can still be operated separately with different bending profiles bending in the same time  with 2 CNC Press brakes. A single CNC bending controlled  is used for tandem bending applications, then separate controls can be engaged when needed so that the press brakes can independently produce different smaller parts.

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                            1. Accuracy. All CNC hydraulic press brakes are precision instruments, but the bigger the ram, the slightly less exact the control of it will be. Two or more smaller single press brakes, with multiple hydraulic block system, scales and linear encoders combined along their length, will allow the CNC press brakes to have even more accurate control of the metal profiles bending precision.

                                Sharing. Most controls installed on multiple configuration machines permit the programming for part bending to be shared between them. Only one CNC bending controller would have to be programmed for a shorter part that all of the brakes could then produce.

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                                            1. Down Time. When one of the sheet press brakes used in tandem goes down, the other can stay in operation making smaller parts. Production can continue on other projects, while longer press brakes will not bending any parts if even smaller concerns.

                                                  6 axis 12m cnc tandem press brake bending 40ft poles

                                                    Are you looking for free roulette Yawei CNC Tandem press brakes or large single 10m CNC Press brakes? We can offer customized multi tandem press brakes for all of your bending applications, email us now for the best longer sheet metal bending solutions.

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