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              free roulette Yawei 4mm 8ft Metal Shears ELGO P40T

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                            1. free roulette Yawei 4mm 8ft Metal Shears ELGO P40T Touch screen made in china free roulette Yawei 4mm CNC hydraulic Shears with Germany P40T touch screen controller free roulette China 8ft CNC metal cutting machines Germany Elgo P40T CNC controller Yawei china manufacture China free roulette Germany Elgo P40T Yawei 4mm CNC...

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                                                              Product Details

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                                                                  • free roulette Yawei 4mm 8ft Metal Shears ELGO P40T Touch screen made in china

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                                                                        free roulette Yawei 4mm CNC hydraulic Shears with Germany P40T touch screen controller

                                                                          free roulette China 8ft CNC metal cutting machines Germany Elgo P40T CNC controller Yawei china manufacture

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                                                                          China free roulette Germany Elgo P40T Yawei 4mm CNC Hydraulic swing beam shear 8ft metal cutting machine china factory

                                                                            China Yawei P40T cnc sheet metal hydraulic shears 4mm 8ft cutting machine free roulette factory

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                                                                          • Gerenal Features of Yawei ELGO P40T CNC Hydraulic 4mm metal shears for 8ft sheet cutting:

                                                                            ▶When cutting thin sheets, up to 50% faster cutting and efficiency gains achieved with high speed,
                                                                            ▶ precise cutting is provided for thick materials with slow speed working mode .
                                                                            ▶ Manufactured in sizes 2.5 meters to 12 meters and capacities 4mm to 40mm thick mild tseel plate cutting applications .
                                                                            ▶ Provides high cutting quality with low cutting angle design machine concepts
                                                                            ▶ Construction feature has a fixed cutting angle design
                                                                            ▶ CNC controlled cuting angle with powerful motorized auto adjusting
                                                                            ▶ Metal cutting Machine body and upper beam’s made of steel constructions, has been designed according minimum stretch and optimum resistance criteria

                                                                            ▶ Body, as the manufacture of precise CNC machining center for provide maximum cutting quality and accuracy.
                                                                            ▶ Designed Heavy –Duty rigit body concept in order to prevent deflections.
                                                                            ▶ CNC controlled sheet metal auto back gauge moving on ball screw and linear guide
                                                                            ▶ Programmable back gauge has 0,1 mm positioning tolerance and retract features

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                                                                                Standard configurations of free roulette Yawei Elgo P40T full touch screen CNC Hydraulci shears 4mm&8ft metal cutting machine made in China

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                                                                                        1. Germany Elgo P40 T touch screen hydraulic sheet Metal Shears controller

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                                                                                            ▶ Germany Elgo P40T full touch screen CNC controller especially designed for sheet metal cutting machines
                                                                                            ▶ Easy cutting page, operator just need to enter cutting material parameters for better cutting and performance as auto cutting gap and cutting stroke
                                                                                            ▶ Movable controller arm
                                                                                            ▶ Roller bearings on the cutting table to help feeding sheets to the metal cutting area easily
                                                                                            ▶ Welded monoblock, heavy steel frame using rigid structural steel produced with modern manufactured methods
                                                                                            ▶ Automatic, CNC controlled motorized back gauge with Taiwan ball screw and linear guide
                                                                                            ▶ Programmable back gauge, with retract and swing up features for longer sheets
                                                                                            ▶ Prevents scratching of the sheet with ball on the table
                                                                                            ▶ Hydraulic Sheet hold down system, holds the sheet in place during the cutting process.
                                                                                            ▶ Cylinders, processed as precise from solid full material and made honed.
                                                                                            ▶ Adjustable bottom blade holder
                                                                                            ▶ Stroke adjustment on the control panel for increase stroke number for short cutting efficiency
                                                                                            ▶ Bottom Blade 4 edges, Upper Blade 2 edges
                                                                                            ▶ China famour brand, Hoerbiger or Bosch Rexroth low maintenance hydraulic block
                                                                                            ▶ Schneider-Telemechanique electrical components, with ventilations electrical cabinet
                                                                                            ▶ Foot pedal stand suitable for single sheet cutting and cycle cutting programs.
                                                                                            ▶ Back and side protection covers

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                                                                                                              China Yawei Elgo P40t CNC hydraulic metal shears with auto powerful motorized auto cutting gap designs

                                                                                                              1. 7

                                                                                                                      China free roulette Yawei 9m CNC Hydraulic sheet metal shears with 9 meter cutting capacity, Germany Elgo P40T CNC Touch screen controller designed for sheet metal cutting machinery

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                                                                                                                        Any more details required for China Yawei 4mm CNC Hydraulic Shear for 8ft metal cutting machine, email us!

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                                                                                                                                Yawei Machine Tool is one of the best ahyw yawei 4mm 8ft metal shears elgo p40t manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy ahyw yawei 4mm 8ft metal shears elgo p40t made in China from our factory.
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                                                                                                                                                • Previous: free roulette Yawei 6Mtr Metal Shears 6mm Cutting Machine

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                                                                                                                                                • Next: China QC12K NC Hydraulic Shear 4m Cutting

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                                                                                                                                                                          • Benefits Of free roulette Yawe...

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